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Mujhsae Frandship Karoge and Student of The Year w HOT PREETY HANDSOME BEAUTIFUL SEXY TALENTED NEWBIES :) <3 I LOVE THEM i wd love 2 c more movies like dat :) <3 My message to bollywood team plzz appreciate Newbies haa they r zoo talented and they r the future u knw :) <3
I love the song "Radha" from this movie! it's so fun! You should post it and other songs from the movie =)
@peteryang292 u shd def watch it 4 sure some bollywood are legendary abd a must c this is definitely a fun movie and the one after dus as well mujhse friendship karoge also a lovely sweet movie :-)♥ watch it nd enjoy it if u can 4 sure :-)♥ knw dat from a bollywood born lover :-D ;-)♥
My friend who's obsessed with Bollywood has been trying to get me to watch this movie! Maybe I should watch it haha
@PiuPiuPENGUIN ikr... lol
gosh bollywood... Ihave the feeling if you watch one movie you basically have seen them all xD
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