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Bollywood Newbies The New Movies I love From Bollywood :) <3
Mujhsae Frandship Karoge and Student of The Year w HOT PREETY HANDSOME BEAUTIFUL SEXY TALENTED NEWBIES :) <3 I LOVE THEM i wd love 2 c more movies like dat :) <3 My message to bollywood team plzz appreciate Newbies haa they r zoo talented and they r the future u knw :) <3
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gosh bollywood... Ihave the feeling if you watch one movie you basically have seen them all xD
My friend who's obsessed with Bollywood has been trying to get me to watch this movie! Maybe I should watch it haha
@peteryang292 u shd def watch it 4 sure some bollywood are legendary abd a must c this is definitely a fun movie and the one after dus as well mujhse friendship karoge also a lovely sweet movie :-)♥ watch it nd enjoy it if u can 4 sure :-)♥ knw dat from a bollywood born lover :-D ;-)♥
I love the song "Radha" from this movie! it's so fun! You should post it and other songs from the movie =)