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Hey y'all! how ya do'n? good? great! here once again some gorgeous wallapers made for the one, the only @chowchowneko! sorry for the wait! i worked so hard on these! i mean i do on every wallpaper i make but these really came out great! i hope you enjoy! ----------------------------------- Still Waiting For Your wallpaper?: so sorry for the ones who are still waiting on yours! I promise I will get them done! lol I'm currently on vacation with my family and it's jam packed with activities! but know anytime I have free time I'm working on your wallpapers! Thank you so much for understanding! @4dalientae @madandrea @rina143❤❤❤ ----------------------------------- Want A Kpop Wallpaper? just message your request to me through Vingle message yes lol its as easy as that! there's one thing that I i ask! I mean you don't have to but I would be really happy if you would follow this collection! thank you guys so much!
Thanks! they're great
@tigerlily84 Thank you very much! it means a lot!
The one of Kyungsoo is beautiful!
I just want to come back and say how much I love this Kyungsoo wallpaper since it came up in my feed. -creeper out XD
@MadAndrea I Know!!!
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