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Wow, this feels sooooo weird. I think its been about a year since I left Vingle due to College and focusing on those grades. I think I forgot how to vingle but I'm sure i'll remember. But I lost all my tags noooooooo...lol. Anyway, EXO's comeback SLAYED so here is a wallpaper I made. In the meantime i'll try to remember how to vingle and maybe post about the AOMG concert I went to and how I can't wait for Got7's FLYinUSA tour woohoo!! I got VIP so i'll probably update about the group photo and concert photos when it comes.
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@kpopgaby to the NYC one. I can't wait! Are you going to any?
@vixenvivi i went to AOMG nyc concert. Poor Loco was sick lol
@szewwy thanks i made it last night. Feels were too strong. Currently trying to learn monster
@B2STANG88 I'm going to the Dallas one. It's going to be hype!
Welcome Back Stranger!! I hope you have fun at the concert