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Chapter 22~ Time


~16 years later~ "Dad can you please give me money" I begged as I followed him around his company. He was reading documents from the sister company in New York. "And why do you want money?" He asked me as he flipped a page and continued reading. " Because I need it to buy Gucci. So can I have money?" "Tao, what you want and what you need are two different things. You want Gucci to show off to your friends, so you really don't need it. Plus I gave you two thousand last week. Don't tell me you spent it all in one go." He said as we both stepped in his office. He sat down in his chair and looked up at me. I leaned back on my heels, pressed my lips together as I looked around the room to avoid my dad's eyes. "Huang Zitao!" He said in a warning tone "Maybe" "Tao that was two thousand dollars. You need to manage your money better. What happens when you take over the company. You spending money like that makes me uncomfortable about you taking over the company." I lowered my head. "Im not giving you anymore money until you show me responsibility, got it?" I nod. "Okay then, anything else you need because I have work to get done so I can be home on time for dinner." I shook my head and left. I hoped on my bike and started driving back to home. I went though the tunnel and this man appeared out of no where. I skid on the road and watch my bike crash to the ground. The guy walked up to me. "Huang Zitao?" He asked me. "Yes? Do I know you?" "Prepare to die" he said and attacked me. Since I was skillful in MMA, I was able to get some punches in. I was pushed to the far wall, panting with blood in my mouth. I spit to my right as I looked at the guy. He took out a sword and ran towards me. I shut my eyes and was about to leap out of the way but when I didn't feel an impact, I opened my eyes and saw the guy was frozen like time had stopped. I took the sword out of his hand and stabbed it through him and then time unfroze. He gasped and looked down before burning into ashes. I was confused to what had happened. I whiped the blood off of my mouth and started my long journey to my home. I opened the door to the front and saw my dad standing infront of me with his arms across his chest. When he took a good look at me he bcame frantic. "What happened to you?" He held my face and touch my bruise. I winced and flinched back. "Ow" "Sorry, but what happened?" He asked. "I don't know, I was driving my bike through a tunnel when some guy appeared out of nowhere and I crashed my bike. Then he started to attack me saying he need to kill me but before I know we were both fighting when the time stopped and I killed him but then the time started again and he burned into ashes." I told my story as I went to the kitchen and made me and ice pack for my face. I sat down at the table and looked up at my dad. I could see the thoughts running through his head. He left me there at the table. I was whipping the blood off the corner of my mouth when he came back. He had an envelope with him and threw it on the table as he pulled a chair out. "What's this?" "Its the letter that came with you. I found you outside of my work when you were a baby. I took you in and adopted you but I didn't know that you came from a whole another planet that gives you special power and nine other brothers. This was my first time hearing this and I couldn't believe that this was kept from me. I opened the envelope and read it. It told me to find my brothers and to train my power. "I will help you find your siblings but I think you have a little sister too and her adopted father is the C.E.O at the sister company in New York. I plan on going to New York in three years so we will see if its true. Get some rest okay." He said and bid me a good night. I went to my room and reread the letter before falling asleep.
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