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Am in the only one who thinks Jackson misses Mark like that vibe of loneliness?? Lol when Jackson says "I want to know what's in marks mind" probably thinking how to get in your pants lol OMG my mind ahh!!! Oh my goodness or when he says "Mark knows how to make gags" ugh!! And this is why we have fanfics. "It was really nice to see Mark doing gags, trying to make gags" well what are you guys doing 😏 OMG my mind can already picture their naughtiness!!
@luna1171 1K is posting them on youtube and I think a lot of people watch them thinking they are new.
what they translate as "gags" They ment to say " jokes" lol
@JaxomB really? they should clarify..but is been a while tho hehe they will noticed the hair colors..and think is old..hehe.
@JaxomB yes that's old.. she is just reposting we can watch it all over again hehehee..
Aren't these old and just relisted? I'm sure I've seen these before.
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