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A.R.M.Y yall better go to DramaFeaver and be Taehyung fan....
I now Taehyung has more fans than what I'm seeing...go and be his fan on DramaFeaver.
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Done! I had to search for Hwarang and then find him off of that.
he is in a movie? OMG following his Big Brother's footsteps... TOP...Seungri both are actors
@NadiaDarlington Hwarang is not gonna be a movie it's gonna be a drama but it's airing in the second half of 2016 but I do agree he is following in there footsteps I would also like to see the others try acting as well
Really?!!! So cute...I wonder when is it gonna air?
Last announced was that it would start airing in December. 馃槩 I guess I can wait that long, for Tae. 馃挏馃挄馃挋