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A.R.M.Y yall better go to DramaFeaver and be Taehyung fan....
I now Taehyung has more fans than what I'm seeing...go and be his fan on DramaFeaver.
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Done! I had to search for Hwarang and then find him off of that.
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he is in a movie? OMG following his Big Brother's footsteps... TOP...Seungri both are actors
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@NadiaDarlington Hwarang is not gonna be a movie it's gonna be a drama but it's airing in the second half of 2016 but I do agree he is following in there footsteps I would also like to see the others try acting as well
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Really?!!! So cute...I wonder when is it gonna air?
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Last announced was that it would start airing in December. 馃槩 I guess I can wait that long, for Tae. 馃挏馃挄馃挋
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