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They're My Brothers Ch.2

"...Heejin...?" I froze with an apple in my hand. I slowly turned around and looked at the man who said that name. "Heejin, it really is you! Oh my, we all thought you were dead for the longest time! But seeing you here, it's just... shocking!" "S-sorry.. but have we met before...? I have a bit of memory loss so I don't remember you, I'm sorry." I said. "It's okay, but why don't you come home so we can go back to the family that misses you so much?" He extended his hand. As panicked as I was a reluctantly took his hand. I didn't feel safe around him, he just had such a strange aura about him, that made it hard to trust him, but he said he knows me, so what could be so bad about it. I then felt a hand on my sholder and stood still. "Hannah, where are you going, and aren't you going to introduce me to your new friend?" Namjoon said. I slowly turned my head to see the defensive look he had on. He seemed as suspicious of this guy as I was. "Well, he said he knew who I was, and that I was going back to my family." I said. Namjoon had quickly turn from suspicous to angry then quickly it dissappeared. He shooed the guy away and put his hands on my sholders. "Hannah, you know you shouldn't do that. I know you felt that suspicious presents he had. Please don't do that again; its scares me and the guys so much." I looked down at my shoes. Was it really that easy to see that I didn't trust that man? Or is it because Namjoon has gotten to know me so well? "I promise to be more careful next time, it won't happen again, I swear!" I nodded. He sighed and he ruffled my hair. I looked up at him to see him smiling down at me. "Let's go check out and go back to the doom, pretty sure the guys are going crazy right now without you." I smiled and nodded as we headed d out to the check out lines. I had glanced around the store watching people's interactions, and their body moment. Was this what people usually did? The guys wouldn't let me go out by myself, and I doubt they would let me go out of the dorm if they saw what just happend... but Namjoon might tell them... "Guys! I'm home!" I yelled as I opened the door. Immediately, the six boys swarmed me and hugged me tightly. "Are you okay? Did you get hurt? Do you need to rest? Ohhh we shouldn't have let you go alone..." they cried. "What are you talking about? I'm fine, nothing happend!" I laughed. "Namjoon texted us what happend, Hannah, why would you trust someone if you had a bad feeling?" Jin asked. "Well... it's not just that; I felt like I knew them from... somewhere." I mumbled. "Did you remember anything?" Jungkook asked. I looked the floor and clenched my hands to my side. "No, I still don't remember anything." I sighed. I could hear all of them sigh as I finished answering. "B-but hey! I bought dinner, so let's get to cooking and have a good time!" I smiled as I clapped my hands together. They all nodded as they patted me on the head. "Just call if you need any help, okay? We'll be watching TV." Jin smiled. I nodded at his response and walked into the kitchen. "Okay, Hannah, cooking on your own isn't that hard. You got this!" I mentally praised myself. Namjoon helped me place the back in the kitchen so I could start cooking. I grabbed a pot from the cabinet and placed it on the stove. I turned the heat onto low as a dug through the grocery bags. "Oh... I don't really know what to cook... I don't really know alot of things to cook either." I mumbled to my self. I quickly went to my room and dug through my drawers. I remember when the guys found me, I also had a duffle bag with me; though the only thing that was in there was a blank journal. At least, that's what I told them. In the back was a folded picture that was fairly worn. The picture had a girl, about mid teens and hair about sholder length. She had hazel colored eyes. There was another person, but their face was scribbled out like they were hated. On the back of the picture read: "Thanks for the food! You should make chicken and dumplings more often! They taste so good!" Chicken and dumplings, huh? I've never seen Jin or Namjoon, or any of the guys for that manner make that. I could give it a try, I mean.. it does seem very fimilar. --time skip-- (I'm too lazy to write about her cooking... I'm sorry... maybe I'll do it later I donno ) "Dinner is ready!" I called as I placed the last plate on the table. "It smells soooo good in here! What did you make Hannah?" Hoseok asked "Um, it's a recipe I remembered, and I thought, why don't I try to make it...?" I mumbled. "You remembered something...?" Jungkook asked. "Oh! I forgot to tell you! I-I'm so sorry.. I didn't mean to! Ohh... I didn't- I just forgot-" He cut me off He pulled me into a hug an laughed. "You're getting your memory back!! That's so amazing! I'm so happy!" Jungkook laughed. I smiled as the others as they joked and laughed. They are all happy, for me.. it's... such an amazing feeling: like something I've never felt before. "Okay, okay. Don't let the food get cold now, come and eat it so you can tell me how it tastes!" I giggled. They all nodded as they sat down, picking up their spoons and started eating. These guys really do feel like odler brothers...

I'm really sorry everything has been really late.. I didn't think this much stuff would be piled on me... luckily it's summer break, so I'll have more free time to write, and hopefully publish more chapters. My goal I'm going to try to reach is about 2-3 (kind of) long chapters a week. I will try my best, but I hope you're enjoying the stories so far!!

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Listen & Learn at the same time with SOOOOOBAK Yeah 누가 내 (1)수저 더럽대 I don't care 마이크 잡음 금수저 여럿 패 버럭해 잘 못 익은 것들 스테끼 여러 개 거듭해서 씹어줄게 스타의 (2)저녁에 World Business 핵심 섭외 1순위 매진 많지 않지 이 class 가칠 만끽 좋은 (3)향기에 악췬 반칙 Mic mic bungee Mic mic bungee Bright light 전진 망할 거 같았겠지만 I'm fine, sorry 미안해 Billboard 미안해 worldwide 아들이 넘 잘나가서 미안해 엄마 대신해줘 니가 못한 효도 우리 콘서트 절대 없어 포도 I do it, I do it 넌 맛없는 라따뚜이 혹 배가 아프다면 고소해 sue it Did you see my bag? Did you see my bag? 트로피들로 백이 가득해 (가득해, 가득해) How you think 'bout that? How you think 'bout that? Hater들은 벌써 학을 떼 (학을 떼) 이미 황금빛 황금빛 나의 (4)성공 I'm so firin' firin' 성화봉송 너는 황급히 황급히 도망 숑숑 How you dare, how you dare, how you dare 내 손에 트로피 아 너무 많아 너무 heavy 내 두 손이 모잘라 Mic Drop, Mic Drop 발 발 조심 너네 말 말 조심 Lodi dodi 아 너무 (5)바빠 너무 busy 내 온몸이 모잘라 Mic Drop, Mic Drop 발 발 조심 너네 말 말 조심 이거 완전 네 글자 (글자) 사필귀정 ah (ah) Once upon a time (time) 이솝우화 fly (fly) 니 현실을 봐라 쌔 쌤통 지금 죽어도 난 개행복 이번엔 어느 나라 가 (6)비행기 몇 시간을 타 Yeah, I'm on the mountain Yeah, I'm on the bay 무대에서 탈진, Mic Drop bam Did you see my bag? Did you see my bag? 트로피들로 백이 가득해 (가득해, 가득해) How you think 'bout that? How you think 'bout that? Hater들은 벌써 학을 떼 (학을 떼) 이미 황금빛 황금빛 나의 성공 I'm so firin' firin' 성화봉송 너는 황급히 황급히 도망 숑숑 How you dare, how you dare, how you dare 내 손에 트로피 아 너무 많아 너무 heavy 내 두 손이 모잘라 Mic Drop Mic Drop 발 발 조심 너네 말 말 조심 Lodi dodi 아 너무 바빠 너무 busy 내 온몸이 모잘라 Mic Drop Mic Drop 발 발 조심 너네 말 말 조심 Haters gon' hate Players gon' play Live a life, man, yeah Good luck 더 볼 일 없어 마지막 인사야 할 말도 없어 사과도 하지 마 더 볼 일 없어 마지막 인사야 할 말도 없어 사과도 하지 마 잘 봐 넌 그 꼴 나지 우린 탁 쏴 마치 콜라지 너의 각막 깜짝 놀라지 꽤 꽤 폼나지 포 포 폼나지 girl (yeah) (1) 수저: spoon&chopsticks Pronunciation: [su jeo] (2) 저녁: dinner Pronunciation: [jeo nyuk] (3) 향기: scent Pronunciation: [hyang ki] (4) 성공: success Pronunciation: [sung gong] (5) 바빠: busy (I'm busy! - usually to close friends or family) Pronunciation: [ba pa] (6) 비행기: airplane Pronunciation: [bi hang ki]