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*Lilith is sitting on the couch reading a book *She is the only one at the house at the moment Enju and the 6th Destroyer Division (Akatsuki, Hibiki, Ikazuchi and Inazuma) are all out on missions, Noel is in bed asleep, and Chino is working a late shift at Rabbit House and is spending the night at her friend's house* Zakku is on his way home from a battle with a Stage 3 Falcon Gastrea*Zakku is walking down the road during pretty banged up but with no mortal wounds, He makes it to the door and opens it up, Lilith looks up and sees Zakku* Welcome home Zakku!!* Zakku looks over at the couch and spots Lilith* Oh hey Lilith, no mission for you today?* Lilith replies* No Headmaster didn't need any help from me today so I've been here watching the kids, Chitoge went out to go spend time with her Family! Enju, Akatsuki, Hibiki, Ikazuchi and Inazuma are all out on missions, Noel is in bed asleep, and Chino had to work late because Cocoa wasn't feeling well. *Zakku replies* So it's just you and me tonight then, huh? * Lilith replies nervously* Y-yea it sure looks that way. *Zakku asks* Want me to make you some tea?
*Lilith replies and looks in shock at Zakku's battered body and torn suit* I would love some te--- What happened to you today?!?!* Zakku replies* Oh this, it's nothing just fought a giant Stage 3 Falcon Gastrea* Lilith replies nervously* But you can barely walk straight your legs are very wobbly, did you use your Magic to fight it?* Zakku replies* I did but only for attack power, you know I'm strong enough to battle those things in my normal state.*Lilith replies* Let me help you to your room and I'll make you something instead!* Zakku replies* Are you sure, I can help you if you want! * Lilith replies sternly* Absolutely not you need to rest, this time you were too reckless when you were fighting, you can barely move around now!** An Upset and Concerned Lilith puts Zakku's arm around her shoulder and helps Zakku to his room and helps him to his bed, Zakku randomly asks* I know this might seem like a bit much to you but I'd actually like to take a Bath first, Do you mind helping me there? I hate sleeping filthy. * Lilith is Embarrassed and very huffy* You're such a child Zakku, Fine whatever I'll help you there but I'm not helping you undress, Hmmph!* Zakku jokingly replies* I can undress myself, but thanks for the concern and offering to help, Lilith-Chan.* Zakku mind* What's up with her today? Okay so I fought a giant Gastrea today while using just a little bit of magic and yet I'm not dead, Why is she so upset about it?* *Lilith walks Zakku to the Bath house And exits and heads for the kitchen* Why does you do this to yourself, it's dangerous! Why are you so reckless?!*Lilith enters the kitchen and begins to cook dinner for Zakku* Meanwhile Zakku slowly sits down in the hot spring bath* Ahhhhhhh, yeaaaaa that feels nice! I wonder what Lilith has cooking tonight, we usually let Akio handle all that stuff. Can she cook I wonder? * Over in the Kitchen Lilith is still trying to figure out what Zakku would like to eat, she's having a conversation with herself in her mind* Come on Lilith think, He can eat anything, His appetite is huge, but what is his favorite food? * A small flashback to when he was being interviewed by the Sherlock sisters with Her in the Room* My favorite foods are Curry and Kaarage* Lilith remembers*That's right his favorite food is Kaarage and Curry* Lilith smiles and begins to cook the curry and fry the Kaarage, Her heart begins to race* What's this feeling right now?* Images of Zakku's bright smile fills Lilith's head* Why are you in my head!?!
*Zakku finishes his bath and gets dressed and heads back to his room* Lilith hears the bathhouse door close and she peeks out and sees Zakku fully clothed* He's fully dressed what's this all about, normally he just walks out in his boxers and I'm the one who Yells at him for doing it. * Lilith's heart is starting to beat so hard she falls to her knees gripping her chest* What is this feeling? Why is my heart beating so hard?* Another image plays in her head* You mastered Outer Alchemic already, but How?!?* Zakku smiles replies* It's because I was taught by the best teacher ever, Lilith.* Lilith begins make her way slowly back to the kitchen to regain her composure, but her mind just keeps on racing as she cooks** Zakku reaches his room and opens the door and walks over to his chair and begins to study some more of the Outer Alchemic Archive, His door is Wide open, A few minutes pass*
*Lilith Wipes the sweat from her forehead* Whew I'm done, I have more respect for Akio she really does alot in the kitchen and she enjoys cooking alot. I hope he enjoys this* Lilith looks down at a large plate of Curry Tonkatsu ( It's a dish that has rice, Kaarage, and Curry poured over top of it, It's quite delicious), She starts to get nervous, but starts walking towards Zakku's room* Why are you always so Cheerful after you win a fight? Why are you always so reckless in the face of danger? Why are images of you running rampant inside my mind? Tell me why?* Lilith turns the corner in the hallway and sees Zakku there Studying, her legs are becoming very very shaky and her heart is beating even louder and harder than ever**Lilith makes it to Zakku's door and calls out nervously* Umm... I-I'm coming in, Your door was open. * Zakku turns around and quickly closes the book he was looking at quite quickly* Hey Lilith, finished cooking already? *Lilith's heart is now beating uncontrollably, She answers* Y-y-yes, I made something special for you, it was my first time really cooking so don't be so harsh about it* Zakku opens the lid and his Jaw hits the floor when he sees a beautiful presentation of Curry Tonkatsu sitting in front him* This is... Curry Tonkatsu, Lilith did you make this?* Lilith's face is Beet red and her body temperature is through the roof* Yes I made it, are you going to try it?*Zakku Takes a spoonful of Curry and his eyes light up* Whoa, This is Amazing Lilith! Was this really your first time cooking?!?!* Lilith nervously answers* Yea that was my first time cooking.* Zakku smiles and replies* You are one incredible girl, you know that, you excell at anything you do and or try to do.* Lilith looks at Zakku as he goes back to enjoying her Curry that question replaying over and over in her mind* Why are you so happy all the time? Why are you so reckless?* She looks over and the plate is clean* D-Did you like it?* Zakku replies* It was the best tasting dish I've ever had!* Zakku flashes that smile, Lilith is now shaking nervously* I'll go take this back for you, I'll let you get back to your studies.* Zakku looks at her confused*
You're leaving already, you just got here* Lilith quickly answers* I have something I have to do so I'll take this back for you* She grabs the plate and exits the room and closes the door and slowly walks back to the kitchen* Why won't this pain in my chest go away?* Lilith notices little water droplets on the plate.*What is this? Why am I crying? It's not that I feel like it, why? Why do I feel so empty when I'm not around him? Why did his Smile make my heart somersault?* Lilith with tears in her eyes and her feelings explode, She drops the plate and runs back to Zakku's door, with tears flowing from her face she knocks on his door* *Zakku gets up from his chair and walks to the door and opens up and sees Lilith crying because her feelings are overflowing* What's the matter Lilith? I thought you had something to take care of? * Lilith starts crying even harder and suddenly hugs Zakku burying her head in his chest* What's the matter Lilith? * Lilith with tears in her eyes answers* I don't know what's wrong with me! Why am I crying? Why is my heart beating out of my chest? Why won't the pain go away? Why are you so reckless in the face of danger? Why is my mind filled with nothing but images of you? Why does my heart feel empty when you aren't around? Why am I so scared of losing you? What's wrong with me?* Zakku looks at Lilith and replies* I believe I know what's going on.* Zakku looks at Lilith and gently hugs her with a smile* It's alright, I'm right here. I know that feeling all to well, You are always concerned about everyone's well-being before yourself, I'm the same way towards all of you when you are out on missions, if anyone of you were to get hurt, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself for not being there to protect you, All of you are special to me. As for the emptiness, you really shouldn't be feeling that because I'm always with you no matter where you are, that what I do when all of you are gone.* Lilith's blue eyes are glistening with tears* I know you don't like perverted things, but I just can't help myself teasing you just let's me know who you are as a person*I wouldn't do anything naughty to you unless I was given permission to, You're pure and I find that very attractive in a woman like you so I made you something.* Lilith replies nervously* Y-You made something for me?!?* Zakku replies* Of course I've made something for all of you, but that can be our little secret, anyway close your eyes real tight and don't open them until I tell you to.* Lilith closes her eyes* Zakku appears behind Lilith and puts something around her neck* Alright open your eyes, Lilith!* Lilith looks down, It's a necklace with a trinity cross with a green emerald* Where'd you get this? It's so pretty! * Zakku replies* I didn't buy it from anywhere, I made it for you.* Lilith is now crying happy tears* You made this for me?!? How? *Zakku replies* I was studying up on some basic forms of Alchemy and I came across a page to were I can make small things like necklaces and other things, This necklace is special though.* Lilith looks at Zakku* What do you mean it's special? *Zakku replies* I put some of my Mantra Enchant Magic into it so now it will protect you from any harm? I made specially for all of you and even the kids.* Lilith looks at Zakku her mind is now clear* I know this feeling, I was blinded by jealousy, I was always fighting for his attention, and yet he realized how special I... No we all are to him, he even went out of his way and created something special that will aid us and protect us all on missions. It's all clear to me now, I'm in love with this Reckless smiling Idiot.*Lilith looks up at Zakku* Zakku there's something I want to give you after you said all that beautiful stuff about all of us, Come closer.* Zakku leans in and Lilith Kisses him on the forehead* Zakku Blushes, His mind* NAILED IT!! *Lilith leans in and whispers* I love you, Admiral Jēmezu Zakku. The End❤❤
Hope you Enjoyed another tidbit from My Vault. I actually threw this whole thing together on the fly for Someone and She Loved it. I never really knew I had a talent for writing stories and making up scenarios on the fly, but this was definitely one of my favorite scenarios I've written about. If you Enjoyed, Leave a Like and comment what part was your favorite. You guys Rock!! @Aimebolanos @tylor619cruz @SAMURXAI @SimoneSanders @NeckoNecko @simplynick @littlemaryk @DestinyAgnew #TrinitySeven #LilithAsami #Tsundere #AlchemistOfLuxuria #Waifu #YouCan'tHaveHer #TheBionicMagicKing #ZakkuXLilith
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@AimeBolanos It all started with you😆 If it weren't for you The Bionic Magic King! wouldn't be a thing lol
@BlackoutZJ TuT im honored and glad to be a part of it!
this is good ik this is a draft n all but u put way to much in in it felt like u were trying to fit things in were they weren't really needed but other ways it was interesting to read
@SimoneSanders This was before I even thought of creating the Bionic Magic King and it was kind of a past time lol
aww ok @BlackoutZJ. now this make since