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I know it's already been a little while since vapp had their update but I thought I would post about this anyways. So the BTS 3rd Anniversary Present is for VLive+ which means you can only watch it if you pay for it (well I'm pretty sure that's what it means).
It's cool that you now have the downloading option... but it says VLive+ only.
So it's 150 for just the birthday party.
And 400 for videos of their trip through Europe. I really wanted to see these but sadly I'm not going to pay for them.
It's only 500 for both *wow a 50 coin discount* I guess that VApp is trying to make more money or something but it makes me sad that things aren't available for everyone like they were before...
Hopefully they'll keep everything but the big events free... I'm glad this update was after GOT7 did GOT7ing because they probably would have charged for that too.
What do you guys think about this new feature? Personally I'm a bit annoyed but what can really be done...
ok I'm not sure about this but I think after 2 weeks of the videos release everyone is allowed to watch even if u didn't pay, but remmber I'm not 100% sure but I'm pretty sure, (j) hope this makes u feel better @MariRu
Tbh, I'm also a little bit annoyed. I understand why and all that, but I had just recently gotten the app and then soon after, this comes up. I was hoping it would be premium content that would be paid for, not something that used to be available for everyone for free. More incentive to get rich I guess 😅
@zhac16 Oh I really, really (j)hope (😂😂) that this is true. I don't mind waiting for a couple of weeks.
This and the fact that their Young Forever album still isn't available where I am makes me really sad