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BTS' Experiment Collection
Y/N's pov
I woke up normally and got ready hastily since the boys had to go in earlier than usual for something. I did my routine and skipped breakfast and ran out the door with the boys. The entire way there, the boys made fun of me being slow. As soon as we stepped in the doors, their manager pulled us into a meeting without explanation. Namjoon briefly said that he looked nervous as we walked down the hall.
"Here they are." A man with a neatly pressed suit stood behind another man with an equally formal suit. "We apologize for calling you in as soon as you arrived but this is urgent. We're going to try to only take about fifteen minutes."
"Getting right to it..." The man sitting down took some papers out of a briefcase. "I apologize for yesterday's incident. That was the worst of it, maybe." The papers he got out of his briefcase were passed down to us. "Those are the facility men's required objectives. They must be completed by the end of the six months." He pulled something else out of his briefcase, this time it was smaller. "We understand that it was confusing yesterday to whether or not they were from the facility. All facility members outside for a mission will wear one of these patches. It will be worn on the front of the hat, the shirt cuff, or the chest."
The patch was a light gray circle with black border and blue lettering on the border. A gold key with a black end was circled by a string in the center. The lettering said "F.A.C.I.L.I.T.Y. For the Better of the Future." I turned it in my hand with the feeling of familiarity streaming through my head.
"Sir, you forgot-" The standing man said.
"You tell them."
"Ah..." The man adjusted his tie and cleared his throat. "Kim Namjoon and y/l/n y/f/n, congratulations on completing the first stage of the experiment. Live stage one, success."
"Are we going to get a congratulatory statement every time we complete one of these?" Namjoon held up the list of objectives.
"No." The man that was sitting stood up and closed his briefcase and signaled for the other man. "Thank you for your time." Both of the men left without another word.
"So glad that's over..." The manager sat down with a sigh. "Y/N, Chi KyungJa would like to see you as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you boys need to practice. Please don't go out today until the end of the day." We all stood, bowed to him, and left the meeting room. I met with KyungJa in his office.
"Y/N! They've put me in charge of making the choreography for one of their songs for their comeback. My mind is drawing a blank right now. This piece is supposed to artistic and whatnot. I can't think artsy. I'm not a dance major, I'm an engineering major, don't ask how I ended up with this job." KyungJa's desk had lots of sketches of what was supposed to be the boys dancing. On his computer monitor was a little animation of the boys dancing.
"The animation on the computer..." I said.
"That wasn't done by me, one of my coworkers did that and that's only a few seconds of
the choreography." He scribbled something else down on his near-empty notebook. "I keep on coming up with similar things and the ideas just keep circulating. They don't want to recycle dances and they want original dances to match the original music." He ripped the page out of his notebook and threw it across his office.
"Can I see what you have?" He nodded and showed me a folder of other sketches.
"These are great though!" He nodded and took a gulp from his cup of whatever he had.
"Think. Where have you seen this dance before?"
"I'm not sure since it's just a few sketches." I looked through the different sketches and tried to think if I had ever seen a similar dance.
"I'll give you a hint, it was in the Skool Luv Affair album." He began sketching something else then stopped and tore off that sheet.
"You are my coworker and subordinate plus we're in the same division, so a work problem for me is usually a work problem for you. " He tore another paper off of the notepad. I picked up the sheet he threw and unraveled it. I picked up another paper nearby and looked at it. They looked almost the same with the exception of a different position of the arm. I looked at another one which also looked the same as the other two.
"I see what you mean by the thoughts keep on circling. These look almost the same except the arm and the leg in this one."
"Feel free to look at the other sketches." He sat back in his chair and watched the little animation play over and over. I unfolded a few more of his drawings and laid them beside each other on the floor. Some drawings were almost perfectly the same as another one. A few different drawings showed up that looked nothing like the other ones.
"What is the other choreography that is similar to this one?"
"Just One Day."
"That one used chairs."
"I understand that but this uses a lot of the choreography." Now that he said that, I could see how it was similar. I looked at almost all of the crumpled up sketches and pieced them together and the sketches were almost identical to the Just One Day choreography minus the chairs. "Just One Day was my first choreography I did without guidance. Of course, I only did a fraction of it and mostly just helped the actual choreographer."
"Can I hear the song you're working with."
"I"m sorry, I can't. It's not because I can't allow you or something like that, it's just that Yoongi is still trying to get it together. Since it isn't a title song it's not his absolute number one priority right now. They probably won't perform this choreography for a few weeks after their comeback, but I don't know since I don't do the arranging."
"What's the title of the song?"
"It's called butterfly."
"Have you ever thought of making the choreography butterfly themed?" He paused for a moment and smacked his head with his hand.
"I am so stupid." He chugged the rest of his drink and got another notebook from a shelf and handed it to me. "Make some sketches. This is your first assignment and this is due by tomorrow. I need sleep. I haven't slept since yesterday...maybe." He got up and gathered the pile of his sketches and threw them into the trashcan.
"Why haven't you slept?"
"I was worried to death about you and Namjoon after I heard the news. I didn't sleep like many others since we didn't hear anything after you two were found." I nodded and got up from the floor to leave. "Maybe you could ask one of the boys working on the song if you could listen to some of it. Namjoon, Hoseok and Yoongi are working on it and a few others are helping. Don't expect much from the staff. They might not have heard the song either." He let out a laugh and sighed. I bowed to him and left his office.
"Y/N!!!" I was passing the recording studios to ask one of the boys about the song when Jin called me. "Namjoon needs your help, like, now. I don't know why but he needs to see you."
I'm so far behind on updates. There was supposed to be a part a day last week. It was going well but then it didn't. Well, at least it's here now, right. I'm probably going to binge play The Sims 3 after this goes up. I might finish up the chapter but that probably won't happen today (or will it...?).
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