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Genre: Angst, Spy/Mafia Pairing: Yoongi x reader Warning: swearing and scenes of intimacy
It was a long explanation. It really was. Woozi stated that his aim of getting us here was to get us on his team. This was because he wanted to take down your father's organisation. Ok, got that. He then went on to state that the reason he wanted us in particular was because we had been sent on this mission. This mission apparently was only partly to do with shutting down the virus. It was meant to be a suicide mission. Your own father had sent us to Woozi's lot in order for us to die. Woozi told us that your father had instructed him to kill all of your team, including you, in order to replace us. YOUR OWN FATHER!!!!!! At first you didn't believe him, this is what rivals normally did. Except, his further explanation was... Something else...
Your father wanted to get rid of your team and you because you had all been 'weakened' over the years. He wanted to replace us with younger and more 'committed' stronger workers. So, he did know that you shot his workers. That was the reason why he wanted you gone. According to him, if you took over his business, you would 'surely weaken the reputation and the organisation would end up going bust'. He was willing to have his own daughter killed in order to save his company's image. That cold hearted prick! Woozi even informed you that he killed your mother. Out of business, he killed his own wife!
Woozi is the head of a sub organisation under your father's rule. That's why Woozi was trusted enough to deal with this mission and send out a virus as a scenario in order to send us out to be killed. However, Woozi doesn't seem to like the why your father is treating him and so he wanted to take him down. Once he was instructed to kill your team, he knew he could use you against the organisation. So, the virus wasn't fake like your father thought and he wasn't going to kill you. He was the good guy and yet the organisation, that practically raised you, were the bad guys.
It was weird as realisation slowly hit you. Your team moved out of the flat and into Woozi's main office. Everything slowly kicked in. The more you found out and saw from CCTV, the more you hated the man who raised you. Woozi was your boss now and sent a message back to your father that you and your team were all dead. From now on when you and your team went out, you would wear face masks so only your eyes could be seen. It was going to be weird trying to take down such familiar faces but somehow you'd manage to do it. Nowadays, you regarded them all as traitors - it would make it easier when it came to killing them.
It was a couple of days after the meeting with Woozi and you had fully settled into your new life. Woozi was apparently communicating with one of his alliances from within the company, Zelo. Woozi sent two of his workers, Krystal and Kai to get him out of the main building. He had worked within your father's business for much longer than you had and so he had the most information about the business. Now he didn't have a room and so Woozi had called you and Yoongi into his office.
"Why are we here Woozi?" You wanted to get straight to the point. He smirked a bit, "well Zelo is going to need a room and there are no spare rooms so, I wondered if you two would be so kind as to share a room." The realisation hit in, did he think you and Gigi were dating or something? That really wasn't the case. In some ways you still weren't sure over your feelings for him. So, sleeping in the same room took you back a bit. You started to disagree but got cut off. "Urm... Is there not-" "I just thought that you two wouldn't mind-" Yoongi interrupted Woozi this time. "Would there be just the one bed?" Woozi nodded, "I can upgrade you to a double bed. That's the best I can do" You looked shocked between Yoongi and Woozi. "We'll take it." Gigi smirked. They talked for a bit longer but you didn't pay attention to that. You were going to be sharing a room with Gigi and you had no say in the matter.
Gigi took your arm and dragged you into your new room. There was a massive double bed and enough room for both of you to breathe. It was actually a pretty impressive room and certainly another upgrade for you. You stopped at the foot of the bed and felt Gigi's breath on the back of your neck. Without turning round to look at him, you demanded answers from him. "Why the hell didn't you ask for my opinion of this?" "I thought you'd like it as much as me" "Gi, we slept with each other like once!" "And so we can do it plenty more times" You nervously laughed, he was being so forward recently. Maybe he'd held on his feelings for you for longer than you knew.
"I still don't get one thing" and with that you turned to face the boy stood directly behind you. "What's that then?" "Why does my father want you dead?" He paused for a minute, biting his lip before answering. "He knew I liked you. I told him the moment I knew I did. He scolded me and told me that I had to keep being professional in order to keep my job. Then this mission came along and he allowed me to protect you. He told me I could do what I wanted as long as I watched over you"
It was all fitting into place really. Your father had always praised Yoongi for being strong and at the moment he sees him being weak, he wants him gone. The whole "do whatever but protect her vibe" was a way of getting him on the mission. He knew that he had fallen for you and so he wanted you two to be in love. Therefore, if one of you died, the other would soon follow. It sent shivers down your spine. Making out with Yoongi, him protecting you, that's all your dad wanted. And that's what he got.
In that moment of realisation, you came to terms with your relationship with Yoongi. You loved him. You were head over heels for him and there was nothing you could do about it. You had fallen into your father's trap and by doing so you put both of your lives at risk. It was so sweet but something inside you told you that you had to stop this, you couldn't let your father get the best of you.
You sighed, "Gi, we can't do this." He looked confused so you carried on. "We can't be together, it's what my father wants. He wants us to weaken each other." His gaze only strengthened, "then we'll prove him wrong, we will strengthen each other." You faintly smiled. Maybe you could, maybe it was possible. One thing was for sure, how ever much it hurt you, if Yoongi died, you wouldn't be allowed to on purposely kill yourself. You had to remain strong whether he was with you or not, you had to keep going - for him. For him. Those two words kept flying around your head.
You turned back round, scanning the bed that you'd be sharing when his lips skimmed over your neck. You bit your lip as he kissed his way upwards in an attempt to make you turn to face him once more. He succeeded. He delicately left a trail of kissing leading up to your lips before joining his lips to yours. It was a rough kiss but a good one nevertheless. You stopped for a breath and he rested his forehead against yours, your lips barely touching. It drove you insane, he wasn't allowing you to kiss him again until he had finished speaking.
"Tell me one thing, before we share a room... Do you love me?" Your heart was pounding, the answer was so simple yet your quivering lips didn't want to let the word escape. "I told you I love you, multiple times actually, so do you love me?" It was hard, hard not to be really. You two had made out and spent most of your lives together. It was really difficult to not be in love with him after what you had gone through. You looked directly into his eyes as a wave of confidence came over you. "Yes Yoongi, I love you"
this by far is the best yoongi fanfic I've read!
Yay happy ending! And Zelo, Kai and Krystal were in it too! I love how the characters in this story though.