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Hello everyone, Christina here and today I'm going to show you how to get the Japanese apps. Ever since I started to play Disney Tsum Tsum all I wanted to do was to find the app of the Japanese (since it is originally a Japanese app) all I wanted was to find the Japanese app and I came across this app and I was able to download any Japanese apps I wanted so without further a due let's get started! (I have an Android so I'm not so sure if it will work with an iPhone but you're welcome to try.)
first what you need to do is go on Google and search for this app. It's called Qooapp. Once you had download it you will need go change your settings in order to download this app
Next Find a game you would like to download. For me I picked Fairy Tail. After you hit Install you will have to do the same thing again as the first step in order to download after all that you're good to go! I hope you have found this very Useful. I don't know if this will work for an iPhone since I have an Android but I'm sure it will work.