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Chapter 23~ Teleport


~16 years later~ I was walking around the night streets of London when this girl bumped into me. "I'm so sorry" she said looking at me. I made sure she was stable before letting her go. "You're welcome" telling her as she looked behind me and called out for her dad. She thanked me again and ran off. When she left I stood there. She gave out a familiar vibe that I couldn't put my finger on. I was about to take a step when I something flash before me eyes. The girl was running across the street and a vehicle was coming towards her. She stood there not moving. The driver hit the brake and the wheels were screeching. I wanted to help her but I knew I couldn't get there fast enough. I started to run, hoping i could get to her fast. But when I doubted I happened to disappeared and appeared again next to the girl. I picked her up and did what I did to get on the otherside of the road. Everyone was looking at us like we were crazy. I told her that I was sorry and ran off. "Wait don't go" she yelled at me but I didn't listen. I could feel her following me but I lost her or so I thought I did. "Geez you run so fast" she said appearing out of nowhere. I jumped back as my heart accelerated even more. "How--?" "Did I find you? Your not the only one who has a power. The name is Nari and I have the same power. Actually I have more then one but they come and go when they want. My dad says when I turn sixteen, I'll have twelve powers and they will be fully developed." I was about to say something but she shush me. "Who's there?" She asked but nobody came out. She shrugged and looked at me. "What's your name?" "Jongin bu---" she cut me off again. "I know your out there. Now is the chance to come out" she said to the dark. I thought she was crazy but when I saw a guy come out of the shadows. How did she know he was there. "Why am I not surprised Xerxus sure does have his men everywhere I go." She said. I scrowled my brows. "I'm not here for you princess only for him" the guy said. "Wait what's going on?" I asked. "Now is not the time I need you to teleport home while I deal with him." She told me. "I'm not leaving you here with him you might die" I said back. "I won't die. Now go" she said and turn to the guy. He took out a weapon and pointed it at her but what I saw was her throwing fire from her hands. They went into action and I couldn't go without her. But when he stabbed her, she fell to the ground. I yelled no and rushed to her. "Now it's your turn to die" he said. He charged at me but I kept teleporting to different spots around him to where I ended up behind him. I grabbed his head and snapped his neck. I took the weapon from him and hit fire on him. I watched him burn to ashes. I took a breather and turn to see if the girl Nari was still there but she was gone. I decided to make my way home before another person tries to kill me. When I got home, my parents were already in bed asleep. I went to my room and passed out on my bed. "JONGIN!!!" I heared a female voice screamed. I sleeply opened my eyes to see I was in the living room. "What the---" I said. I don't remember sleeping in the living room. I knew I was in my bed last night. Then it wasn't until I teleported to the other side of the room. It took me an half hour to finally stop teleporting everywhere. I was sitting down in front of my parents. "When we just got married there was a lady that had you in a stroller. She asked us to watch while she was in the bathroom but she never came back for you. We waited but nothing so we decided to take you home but when we read the letter that was left with you we knew we had to adopt you. Here is the letter you can read it." My mom said giving me the letter. I read it and looked up at my parents. I have a twin and other older brothers." I couldn't believe it. But why do I feel like something was missing. Maybe it had to do something about the girl last night. I shook my head and dropped it. "So when can I go look for my brother's?" I asked as my parents looked at each other. "Not until your done with school."