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@Ticasensei which is kinda like, hypocritical for their society considering how half naked a lot of female singers are, which is fine to me since they can do what they choose. it's just funny how they can freak out about a damn shirt, and not be up in arms about females grinding on the floor in a bra and panties. Korea is so conflicting lol the world is weird. Hopefully people in the world will not be so close minded as time goes on
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It's not that bad though lol. I mean, I think female bodies that aren't naked are better than having inappropriate words on their clothes. Or "unknowingly" sporting clothes with drug references. I'd wear that shirt lol by the way, Sehun is like a giant compared to him and Xiumin! Is it the way their standing or something? He looks like a damn beef cake. I want a piece of that. *grabs water bottle to quench the major thirst*
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baek; "wtf i didnt even check this shirt shii...fml." fancam; .......TOO LATE...
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@Matokokepa that smirk~
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look at this smol child
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