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I'm yours. You're mine. It's not that hard to keep up, right? You're mine. I'm yours. There's no "them". There's only "us". Decades later though That girl came and you scratched me out of your head. I guess I was wrong. Or I was lying? Of course! I can't read your mind! I really hoped you can read mine though.. Not mind but, feelings. Don't you know how much this hurts? Even if I try, It wouldn't reach. Because you are blindfolded, By the author, By the one that's writing all of this now. But, that's ok. Because I don't deserve you. Just don't forget! Every story has an end, And mine is the bad ones. Your "sister" though, She's.. She wanted you to be her brother because, She's lonely. Just like me. But she have you, And I have no one. I'm lonely.. In this deserted void. Doing nothing but feeling empty. Waiting for my....... Dear Don't forget about me.