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Fav Kage

Tsunade β—†

β€’ She improved medical facilities in the hidden leaf which led to extended life for some shinobi.. For example Rock Lee, Choji was cured (during the recovery mission Sasuke) etc. Even Sakura turned into something useful. She has extensive knowledge of things, not just medicine, but other things. Tsunade has achieved so much in her own right as being able to summon a giant slug, super strength, sealing jutsu 100 (which I think is more than chidori). In the fight Madara vs Kage, All the kage would have been dead. She is the best medical ninja in Naruto and the whole Kunoichi world and one of the legendary sanins. Even Orochimaru once said that a coup Tsunade is all that is needed for death.

Grandma Tsunade :I
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@JessieDelValle Tsunade Tsunade Tsunade Tsunade Tsunade Tsunade Rock Lee ☺ @chancer1994 what!! hello
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Hello again neevp
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