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Hello hello! Welcome to another episode with our Foreign Flower and this wonderful angel! I'm hoping you've enjoyed the petal thus far, if you need to catch up, lemme get you the links. Season 2 Premiere (Which has links to the completed works of SeungRi's petal.) > Episode 1 -> Episode 2 --> Episode 3 ---> Episode 4 We left at an interesting point in the previous episode, shall we continue where we left off? ;) Please, enjoy! *bows*
Chapter 5~ “I love you.” You laugh as an excuse to hide the heat building in your cheeks, “I'm impressed. Very good pronunciation and everything in English. Makes me wonder how often you say it.” He looks away and smiles, “My first time actually saying it to someone other than the mirror. Thought you'd appreciate it.” <<Almost sounded like you meant it>> “Almost sounded like you meant it....” He turns to you, “What?” <<Crap!>> “I mean, your English is great. Really!” You force a giggle to ease the awkwardness. He eyes you for a second then looks down. “Thanks,” he mutters. <<Wow, way to kill the mood you idiot.>> You scowl yourself for the slip of the tongue. You close your laptop and rise from your seat, “Well, it's getting late, I'm gonna call it a day.” He remains silent with his head down. <<Aishh, I should say something.>> You turn to walk away then stop and look back, “I'll uh, see you, oppa.” “Is that too straight forward?” He asks abruptly with his head down. You turn your body to face him, pinning the laptop onto your chest, “What?” He looks up, his eyes instantly capturing yours and holding them as he walks around the counter and stands a few feet away from you. “Is that too forward?” “I don't understand, what is?” “I love you.” “Oh, that. Well, I guess it depends on who you say it to-” “I'm saying it to you.” <<What?>> “I love you.” He repeats again, more stern than ever. “I love you too, oppa....” You breathe, holding back every urge to confess then and there. “No, you don't understand.” <<No, YOU don't understand, don't say this to me because I LOVE you.>> “I LOVE you.” He reads your thoughts. Your heart breaks into a sprint, pounding loudly against your chest. “What?” You breathe. He takes a deep breath, “I don't know exactly how but you make me feel so many things. You make me want to keep smiling, to laugh harder and longer than ever before, to find a reason to work harder as an individual and as a musician. I'm always there for you, and you never hesitate to talk to me. It's so smooth, so natural, I feel at ease when I'm next to you. But I hate the fact that I can't touch you. I can't hold you as much as I actually want, I can't lean in to kiss you whenever we're alone, or be the one that makes that beautiful smile of yours bloom and reveal your floral colors. The other members tease me for not confessing, for how breathless you leave me when you walk out of the room but no. No more. I don't want you to see me as an oppa anymore. I want you to see me as a man, a man that has truly and deeply fallen in love with you. So I'll say it one more time. I love you.” Your breathing hitches, “oppa....” He drops his head down and sighs heavily, stuffing his hands into his pockets, “I'm sorry. I am being too straight forward with you. I hope this doesn't make you uncomfortable around me since you see me as just an oppa-” “Stop.” You manage to growl from the back of your throat. Dae-Sung lifts his head slowly, watching as you step closer to him and set your laptop down on the stool to free your hands. His face cold and hard, a sight you'd never dreamed of seeing from him. Your fingers brush back a few strands of his bangs, cautiously avoiding contact with his skin. “Stop. Angels aren't supposed to frown. They're not supposed to feel hurt or remorse, or anything that could erase that smile off their face.” You breathe softly. His eyes soften, distracting you from noticing his own hands inching reach up and grab your own. “I would rather feel the pain, the torment, the constant sensation of loneliness if it all meant that I could keep you all for myself.” He squeezes your hands gently, pulling you in closer to him. You press your lips into a fine line, “I've felt so many wonderful things for you for a fairly long time, but coming here to work, being able to know you on a level beyond my imagination, has made me realize that I would be nothing but trouble to you if I ever to-” “It doesn't matter to me,” he injects with a grin. “I've been the one who's been wanting to say something. Like I said, the members tease me, saying that nothing would ever happen between us because we're both too naive and selfless about these feelings. It's gotten to the point to where I seriously cannot pretend like I'm nothing more than just an oppa to you.” A small wave of tears begin to build up behind your eyes. “But I would only hold you back, oppa. You're having a comeback soon, you're doing all these things to prepare with the others, you're going to leave and this would only distract you from your wor-” Dae-Sung leans in, shushing you with his lips locked tightly around your own. The sudden action left your wide eyed open, slowly drooping to a close when your brain had processed the event a few seconds later. His hands pull yours up and drops them around his shoulders, you take his hint and wrap your arms around his neck as his own arms coiled around your waste, leaning his body into you to deepen his tender kiss. The kiss breaks. You pull back and open your eyes to see him with a gentle smile on his face. Your face flushes brightly, “That was pretty straight forward, oppa.” He chuckles, “I'm not going to apologize for that one because it's something I've wanting to do for a very long time now.” His eyes begin to smile, “So how about you save me from this torment already and tell me that you feel the same?” You giggle, “You want me to proclaim my love to you without asking me out on a date?” His face falls into shock, “Aigoo! Was the ramen date not good enough for you?” You raise an eyebrow and smirk, “I didn't realize it was a date.” He looks away and clears his throat, looking back at you with his manly look, “Yaah, I thought long and hard about where to take you. I don't even know if I should make you my girl anymore.” “Oh.” You pull your arms back from his neck and look away, “I guess I just blew it.” Dae-Sung grins again and pulls you in for a tight embrace, “I'm kidding. It would be silly for an angel to let go of such a beautiful flower, don't you think?” He pulls back and cups your face, holding you in place and paralyzing you with his bright smile. “I'll take you somewhere nice next time for our date, how about that?” You shake your head, “I would rather eat ramen every day for the rest of my life if it meant having you here to enjoy it with me.” “Really? That sounds like it could get tiring. How about you just agree to be my flower and I'll make sure you don't have to eat ramen every day.” “Yes sir.” He pulls back and winks, “That's oppa to you, sweetie.” “Yes, oppa.” He lets you go and picks up your laptop, “Come on, you must be exhausted after a long day today.” He clutches your laptop under his arm then slips his hand into yours and tugs you towards your room, opening the door and leading you to your bed. “I better get a proper goodnight kiss for coming all the way here and bringing you your stuff.” He teases. You giggle, “You didn't have to, I could do it myself.” Dae-Sung shoots you a hurtful expression and lets go of your hand, “I see. I guess I'm not needed here at all.” You grin at his playfulness then take the opportunity to warp your arms around him for a hug, “That doesn't mean I'm not grateful for all that you've done for me up until now.” He kisses your hair, “And everything that I will continue to do for you, sweetie. Don't forget that.” You pull back and plant a gentle kiss on his cheek, “And that too.” His cheeks tint in color, “Yaah. Stop being cute. It makes my heart flutter.” He beams brightly at you. “Yaah! Don't say that because it makes my heart flutter!” You counter. His eyes smile, “Okay, we're even then. I'll let you sleep.” He lets go of you and steps back. You sit on your bed and instantly fall back, making him take a giant step towards you and lean over you. “Aigoo! Don't do that either! You're going to give oppa a heart attack!” You rub your eyes and sit up, “I'm sorry, oppa. I'm just exhausted.” He sits on the bed beside you and sighs, then throws an arm around you, making you lean on his shoulder as he gently pulls you back down on the bed. You yawn deeply and turn to him, feeling your eyes instantly droop heavy with sleep. “Let me sleep like this tonight,” You murmur. You sense him shift against the mattress then feel his warm lips on your forehead, “Then get some rest, I'll be here right beside you when you wake.” With his voice in your head and the spot where his lips touched your skin burning with a comfortable warmth, you drift into slumber.
Your eyes slowly open to the sight of Dae-Sung's still sound asleep beside you. You grin, noticing the partition of his full lips lightly pushing out air when his chest fell. You sit up cautiously, careful not to move him as you stood up and wondered to the closet for a change of clothes. Once in the bathroom, you shower quickly and hop out to change into your work clothes, taking a moment to look through Dae-Sung's skin care products once more, imagining him taking his time to go through the process of the typical routine. A small giggle vibrates out of your throat as you brush the thoughts aside and step out of the bathroom. You notice Dae-Sung no longer laying on your bed. You scratch your head for a second then finish up getting ready and leave your bedroom with everything in hand, stopping halfway towards the door when you hear rattling in the kitchen. <<That better be what I think it is....>> Your heart accelerates as you inch little by little to the kitchen. “Good morning!” Dae-Sung sing as soon as he sees you. You bow your head, “Good morning, oppa.” “Leaving for work? How about breakfast with me?” He grins brightly. You smile, “I've only got time for tea today, oppa.” “Aigoo! You need food in your system!” He grabs the tote off the counter then opens refrigerator and pulls out a small lunch box. “I'm glad I got up just as you went to go shower. You gave me enough time to make you a quick snack.” Your heart flutters, “Oppa, you really didn't have to-” “Yaah!” He puts the tote back on the counter, scooting it to you as you take a seat on the stool. “Flowers need all the nutrients to grow and bloom into wonders. I was going to take it to you later on but I guess you beat me to that.” You giggle, “How about I cook tonight for you to make up for it?” His eyes smile, “deal!” Dae-Sung pours you a cup of tea and sits next to you, pulling out the newspaper to read while he quietly drank his cup of coffee. You watch him read, admiring his defenseless profile in the proximity between you and him. The sudden flicker of his eyes to you make you jump and jerk your head away quickly. Dae-Sung laughs and throws in arm around your shoulders, bringing you in to kiss your hair. “You're wonderful. You're beautiful. You take all my worries away when you smile. I hope I'm able to make you just as happy as you make me, hopefully even more.” Blood swarms your cheeks, “oppa, I think you're going to make my face freeze into a permanent smile with all the sweet things you do for me.” His laughter vibrates his whole body, causing a sudden shiver to run down your back. “I'll still kiss that permanent smile if it ever comes to it.” He lets you go and takes your hand only to bring it up to his lips and kiss your fingers. “Don't miss oppa too much at work okay?” You stand up with a smile on your lips, “I'll try not to.” His faces falls into a hurtful gasp, “I'm kidding! Miss oppa a lot!” You waltz out of his reach with the tote in your hands before he had a chance to pull you in for another hug. You wave goodbye and disappear into the living room and out the door. You arrive at YG promptly and make your way into the empty elevator and up to your office. Opening the office door, you note the lacking amount of paperwork waiting for you, making you laugh to yourself and take a seat in your chair. You check your emails, expecting it to be flooded with requests but sigh long and hard when only a couple of spams appeared in the inbox. A smile spread across your face. You shake your head and lay your head down on the cool wooden surface of your desk. <<So I came here running only to come up empty handed.... today is going to be such a slow and boring day....>> You sit back up straight and turn your attention to the computer screen, taking advantage of the opportunity to surf the web and catch up on all of your social media, even watching a few Kdrama episodes. Your mind wonders in and out throughout the morning. Going back to Dae-Sung's confession, to the mental image of him staying up to wait for you, then to having him besides you as you slept, and everything in between. You reflect back to when Dae-Sung first said he loved you, remembering the way his facial expressions would change when you'd brush off his statement. The thought left a sense of guilt in the pit of your stomach. You snap your thoughts back to reality and look around your office, sighing softly at the lack of company. <<Wonder what he's up to.... Is he even here today? Huh.>> You grab your phone out of your pocket and open up a text to Dae-Sung. “Oppa, what are you doing?” You set your phone down and watch it closely, jumping in your own skin a few seconds later at how fast he replied. “In the studio, keke. Why? Do you miss oppa? :)” You grin and type back, “I'm just curious to know how your day is thus far....<3” You stare at the text for a few seconds then hit the send button and slide it back into your pocket. <<Maybe I should go see him.... Mmm, I need an excuse..... Ah! I'll just say that I'm looking for the CEO and if I run into him, I'll just ask him for documents!>> You shoot up and march out of your office, bowing to coworkers along the way as you slip into the elevator. You step off the elevator a few floors later and turn at the hallway to head towards the recording studio. You stop a your hand halfway from the doorknob and stare at it. <<Wait. This is a bad idea..... What am I doing here? I'm going to get caught and rumors will fly and->>
“What are you doing here?” You jerk your head up and see TOP standing a few feet away from you with his famous fox-like smirk carved into his face. “I-I'm l-looking for the C-CE-” “You sure about that?” TOP interrupts you without hesitating to show you the amusement on his face. “Y-Yes.” TOP shakes his head and reaches for the door then pushes you inside as he closes the door behind him. “Dae-Sungie!” “Yes hyung- oh. Hello there.” Dae-Sung smiles from ear to ear the moment he sees you. “H-hello.” You dip your head, noticing the other members in the studio staring at you with a mischievous grin. “Well well well, look what we have here.” Seung-Ri chuckled to himself. “Fancy you paying us a visit.” Ji-Yong adds. TOP steps around you and walks up to Dae-Sung. “We need to tell her,” he says to Dae-Sung. Dae-Sung raises an eyebrow. “Tell me what?” you ask, raising an eyebrow yourself. Tae-Yang pokes his head out of the recording room, “I thought I heard someone come in. Ji, lemme take a break, I don't wanna miss this.” With a single nod from Ji-Yong, Tae-Yang slips around you and takes a seat next to Seung-Ri. “What?” TOP sighs then sits on Dae-Sung's lap and wraps his arms around him protectively. “I'm not going to give up Dae-Sungie so easily!” You titter, “What?” “You're going to have to fight for Dae-Sung since it took you two so long to get together,” Tae-Yang smirks. Seung-Ri shakes his head, “Poor hyung has grown so attached to Dae.” Ji-Yong chuckles, “Well of course, Dae, was hyung's nanny.” You run a hand through your hair and sigh heavily as you lower your head, “you know what? Fine. I shipped this anyways. Oppa, if you want to be with TOP-oppa, then....” You lift your head and press your lips into a thin line, “then I understand. I'll move out by tonight and stay at a hotel until I find a place to stay.” The members stare at you intensely until Dae-Sung pushes TOP out of his lap and runs over to you, scooping you up in his arms while TOP laughed loudly on the floor. “Aigoo! Don't say that! I like you the best!” Dae-Sung hugs you tightly. You giggle, “but I'm no match for TOP-oppa!” “Yaah! That's sexual harassment!” Seung-Ri yells. “Poor hyung, heartbroken by his one true love,” Tae-Yang chuckles. Ji-Yong laughs, “It's okay hyung, you still have us.” “Aishh, I've never felt so heartbroken,” TOP grins. Dae-Sung lets go of you and grabs your hand then turns towards the other members. He clears his throat and holds your hand up, “I finally confessed.” “Took you a while, I was getting ready to swoop in there and snatch that flower away,” Seung-Ri smirks. “Shut up, you would have been shut down in an instant for being a playboy,” Ji-Yong laughs. “You guys know what this means right?” TOP smirks too. “What?” you ask before the others. “That I should be preparing my song, Wedding Dress soon?” Tae-Yang chuckles. Seung-Ri gasps. “Omo! Hyung's right! I can hear the wedding bells already!” “What.” Your eyes widen as Dae-Sung chuckled playfully besides you. “Who's going to be best man?” Ji-Yong smiles. TOP coughs, “Me obviously.” “Excuse you?” The other members look at TOP with surprised looks. “You think I'm just gonna let her get away with my man without having me there as a constant reminder that Dae-Sung originally belonged to me?” TOP continues. “So possessive,” Tae-Yang laughs. “Dae-Sung hyung and I are both on the maknae line, I believe I should get the honors here,” Seung-Ri argues aggressively. Ji-Yong leans back in his chair and sighs, “Look, you guys can fight over it as much as you want. As long as I'm the godfather of their first born, I'm good with whatever.” “Godfather?” Seung-Ri and TOP gasp. Your jaw drops, “First born?” “No, that's my job!” Tae-Yang protests. “You wish,” Ji-Yong hissed. “Imagine how cute they'd be!” Seung-Ri grins. “They'd have natural double lids and her nose and his lips!” “I'll spoil the hell out of Dae-Sungie's kids, especially with sweets,” TOP snickers. You clear your throat loudly, “We're still here.” The members flicker their eyes to you and grin. “So. You're saying that we can attack you with these urgent questions?” Seung-Ri asks. “No-” “Who's it going to be?” TOP interrupts you. “I-I don't-” “We're all friends here, right? Who do trust more with these positions?” Tae-Yang continues. “Well, I-” “I think it's something we'll both have to discuss,” Dae-Sung answers, letting go of your hand to throw and arm around your shoulders. “Isn't that right, sweetie?” You swallow hard, thanking him with your eyes for stepping in to say you, “right....” Ji-Yong clears his throat. “As much as I'm happy for you two, we have other issues to attend first.” You raise an eyebrow and stare at him. Ji-Yong sighs and presses his lips into a thin line. “Congratulations on confirming your relation but this sweet moment has to come to a sudden end. We have to break you two up by tonight.”
TABII-OPPA YOU BETTE- Er- I mean..... *cue dramatic music* :O what does GD mean? I everything was so fine and dandy now that Dae confessed and everything! D: They were arguing about best man and being godfathers for peeps sakes! DX WAE BIGBANG WAE!!!! DX Tehehehe :3 Guess you'll have to stick around for the next chapter of Daesung's petal for answers! <3 :3 In the mean time..... imma go hunt me down a Bingu....*grabs tub of ice cream* e.e Thank you all for supporting me thus far! :D Tell me your thoughts! :D :3 See you all on Monday! <3 *bows*
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I had the biggest grin on my face during Dae's confession and promising to be there when she woke up!! Aww! But oh Tabi, forever the jealous lover! Don't worry. I'll mend your broken heart. 😉
If there's anything these petals have been teaching me, it's that I am a single pringle. 😅
Waittttt what?!?! Omgsh. Omgsh.. What happened.. Why GD getting all serious did he find the weeds in the garden?! *aigoooo I need some water *
Haha omg they are too damn cute!! Godfather, best man haha too much lol
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