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Hey Mates! Kpopblossom is back at it again with the kpop wallpapers! so with out further or do these wallpapers where requested by and made especially for.........(drum roll please) @madandrea!!! sorry for the long wait! hope you really like these! ----------------------------------- Want A Kpop Wallpaper? just message your request to me through Vingle message yes lol its as easy as that! DONT LEAVE JUST YET! there's one thing that I i ask! I mean you don't have to but I would be really happy if you would follow this collection! thank you guys so much!
aweee! lol no problem! it makes my day knowing you like them!
sorry I kinda spazzed lol
by the way, the Youngjae one is fricken cute and I just!!! Can't even because they're all so amazing!!! Thank you for doing all of them!!!!! asdfghjkl!!!!! They're so summery! my phone wallpapers are probably the girliest things I have because I love floral backgrounds kekeke thank you!!!
hardly a long wait! That was super fast! I love them!!!!!!!!