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Today I graduated from middle school! I performed in two ceremonies (there were to ceremonies because of the large amount of 8th graders). Tears of joy/sadness were shed. I have moved on to be a freshmen in high school (of course). Reality hit me right in my feeling because My friends and I were parting ways. But we will all stay friends 'til the end! #Graduate #ClassOf2016 #SoonToBeFreshmen #TearsWereShed #FriendsUntilTheEnd (btw the picture shown was taken in the morning) @BlackoutZJ @littlemaryk @SAMURXAI @tylor619cruz @SimoneSanders @DestinyAgnew @hikaymm @InVisybll @PASCUASIO @AshChrimson
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@TinaDang A tip something not too flashy but still nice like this dress I wore... It's a simple color and not too flashy
@NeckoNecko yeah,I was thinking the same thing,but all of my dresses are SUPER formal--seems like I'll have to go shopping😅
No need just use those to save money @TinaDang besides you'll look fabulous
@NeckoNecko Thanks for the advice~^^
@TinaDang No problem! ^w^