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There are soooo many words I could use to describe this manga. The first being "Damn girl!" Keiko Suenobu did it again. Full of drama, lies, deceit, and surprisingly friendship. This manga is far from disappointment. Unfortunately, there isn't an anime adaptation, but there is a tv drama. I haven't seen it but I really want to after reading this.
So here's a brief summary: It's about a girl named Shiiba Ayumu. She's taking entrance exams with her best friend (who helps her study) and she ended up getting a better score and accepted in to the Nishidate High school and her best friend did not. (It was her best friends dream school) It was an automatic end to that friendship and Ayumu, overcome with grief, began to self harm because the pain made her feel better. Once high school started she separated herself from the class because she believed that she wasn't worthy enough to have friends. One day, a girl named Anzai Manami befriends her and she felt it was too good to be true. They were best friends for a short time and then some things went sour after Manami and her boyfriend broke up. After their falling out Ayumu gets isolated. She was pretty much treated like human garbage from the girls in her class. Any time she got even a couple seconds of happiness, she suffered 100x more for it later. There was even a time she could have died! It makes you feel really bad for her because everyone pretends that they don't notice. Even the teachers turn a blind eye. I'm happy I didn't attend a high school like this and I hope no one would ever have to experience even a fraction of this kind of treatment. Once you start reading this, you won't want to stop. Let me know what you think if you give it a chance!