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Honestly asshole like this should go fuck themselves bc I literally saved up for P2 floor and it's fucking sold out
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@OhItsJas they should limit it to only two sets bc people buy like 5-10 at uncle and sell for $1000+ and I'm fucking pissed as shit
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@maddiedo yeah people do that and it's really messed up. it's called scalping and people do it for for profit. but scalping is actually illegal
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they resale for platinum tickets is near 5000. they AXS site was terrible.
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I'm So incredibly frustrated and bummed out by the state of the ticket sales and the rip off resellers! I saved to get platinum tix, had 4 friends online trying to help me get tix and we all failed! And the mark up is outright robbery! It's so sad that the real fans are beaten out and then scammed by those just in it to make some bucks!
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@jiminakpop Ikr I'm so fucking pissed
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