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hey! once more I'm back at it again with the kpop wallpapers! here's one requested by and made especially for @4dalientae! I really hope you like and enjoy your wallpaper! @4dalientae ----------------------------------- Want A Kpop Wallpaper? just message your request to me through Vingle message yes lol its as easy as that! there's one thing that I i ask! I mean you don't have to but I would be really happy if you would follow this collection! thank you guys so much!
OH MY GOD 😱 ITS SO BEAUTIFUL. Thank you so much!! :D
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@4dalientae awe your welcome! 💕
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what app do you use for this?
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@Namjoonsbutt I don't have one in particular app I use I use multiple apps for each wallpaper it depends on what I'm doing but the main one is called cameran collage
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