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Gaara - 5th Kazekage

I'm so proud of Gaara for how far he's come, especially seeing him at the summit with the other Kage. He seems like a bit of a youthful optimist compared to the rest of them, but he's very wise and inspirational. Watching him always brings a smile to my face!

Honorable Mentions

When I read this prompt, Gaara immediately popped into my mind, but the more I thought about it the more conflicted I got! Gaara still held on to the top spot, but here are a few other top considerations.

Minato - 4th Hokage

I haven't seen much of Minato, pretty much just Kushina's recounting of how they met, what went down when Naruto was born, and some flashbacks with Kakashi and Jiraiya, but I'm already in love! Like father, like son, he always wanted to become Hokage. Specializing in space-time ninjutsu, the "yellow flash" was pretty clever and capable; I'm amazed by how far he seemed to think ahead in his final moments as he sealed his and Kushina's chakra in their son so that they could see him again and provide guidance to him when the time came.

Tsunade - 5th Hokage

Grandma Tsunade! One of the Legendary Sannin, this busty medical genius kinda had the title of Hokage forced upon her. She enjoys drinking and gambling, but when shit goes down, she does not disappoint! She knows how to deal with Naruto and took the useless excuse that was Sakura and turned her into a badass. I love this slug queen!

Mei Terumi - 5th Mizukage

I know even less about the Mizukage than I do about Minato, but I know I like her! With her signature lava technique, she's extremely entertaining!

Danzou - 6th(?) Hokage (SPOILERS)

JKJK!!! I've been very disappointed with Sasuke lately, but I'm so glad he killed that asshole! That's about the only redeeming act I've seen from Sasuke lately (progress report reminder: I'm around ep 280)
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Seriously! It's not too late! The more the merrier!
Gaara is my favorite as well, it always makes me cry tears of joy seeing how far he's come :3
Gaara is my favorite (:
Indeed it is, he so nonchalantly wins everything he's a part of..minus the rock paper scissors match against Naruto for ramen. Also I'm honored to be a tagged Nakama XD
Good Call not including Danzo I'd have been as disappointed with you as you are of Sasuke. XD Don't worry though, you should like the 6th Hokage no matter how long He or She may be Hogake.
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