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Scallop Butter Soy Sauce Pizza- LA
Teriyaki Chicken Pizza- LA
Cheese and Honey Pizza- LA
Sausage and Thickly-sliced Bacon Meat Sauce Pizza- LA
Spicy Bulgogi Pizza- LA
Mayo Potato Domino's
Avocado Shrimp Domino's
Crab Seafood Special Domino's
Spicy Deluxe Domino's
Anchovy Potato Domino's
Shrimp Tempura with Mayo and hot dog crust Pizza Hut
Caramel and Marshmallow Pizza Hut
What do you guys think about these crazy flavors?
the potato one seems good for Sasha though
2 years ago·Reply
Would definitely eat the Pizza
2 years ago·Reply
they look great! you should describe the sauces as in Japan, traditional Tomato Sauce makes up only a small portion. There used to be an innovative pizza delivery place that also delivered home made icecream - is it still around?
2 years ago·Reply
The avocado shrimp one looks HORRIBLE. @Ticasensei Have you tried any of these??
2 years ago·Reply