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So you need some tickets but got screwed by ticketmaster and AXS? Want to join the LIGHT UP THE LINEUP Ocean Project? Check these links here and spread the word about it! I. KCONation Presents: Line Up the Lineup 2016 KCON Project June 1-July 28, 2016 What is LINE UP THE LINEUP? This is KFAM Media's 1st major KCON Project for both LA and NY where we raise funds to give out free colored light sticks, headbands and bracelets to make the artist see their ocean, showing how much the international KPOP fans respect and honor them. This will require alot of help from everyone across the globe who is going to make this. We do not have a definite goal yet, but around $1.5K will provide around 1000 or more of the above. How to Help Make this Happen 1. Go Vote at each ocean color on the "LUTLU Survey" and pick 1 Lightstick, 1 LED Bracelet and 1 LED Headband that is best suited for everyone in EACH OCEAN. Do not pick more than 3 of each ocean. You have until June 12 to vote. When we tally up, we will reveal the chosen 3 of each ocean. 2. GO to this link titled: LUTLU Fundraiser Form and fill out your information, Once you finish and chosen the amount to help with, send it under kfahallyu@gmail.com or this site http://www.paypal.me/exoluniverse. The deadline for NY is June 16 and for LA is June 30. If the goal isn't met, we have to give limited things and mostly glowsticks. Please make this dream come true. 3. We will record your information and when we make the items, you pick them up by the reps in NY and LA. We will have your names on them. 4. That is it. PLEASE PICK THEM UP THE DAY OF KCON or DAY 0 of KCON 2016. IF YOU ARE LATE, YOU WILL HAVE TO GET THEM AFTER THE EVENTS PER DAY. LUTLU Survey: https://goo.gl/0rPNWX LUTLU Fundraiser: NY: https://goo.gl/Xhjd6k LA: https://goo.gl/NFOQtc #KPOP #KCONLA #KCONNY #KCON2016 #KCON2016LA #KCON2016NY II. TICKET SALES FOR KCON 2016
Buy, sell or trade your KCON Tickets here!:
https://goo.gl/jQmV8M III. FAN ENGAGEMENT PASSES So you want to know about this? Basically we made a sheet that you can Sell or trade your Hi-Touch, Audience, Red Carpet, and Also your Platinum benefits when you receive them on the day of KCON. So here's the procedure:
1. Go to the link called: KCON 2016 FAN ENGAGEMENT PASS B/S/T 2. Go to your city for KCON
3. Submit your info
4. We will pair you with the fans who might want what you have on the day 0-3 of KCON. KCON 2016 FAN ENGAGEMENT PASS B/S/T https://goo.gl/TKoqAt Also if you want to join the group for KCON Updates on our projects and lodging related concerns, go here:
Group Fan Support and Meetup Group
UPDATE: 6/11/2016 We have officially finalized the votes and here are the items you have chosen to use at KCON 2016 for LIGHT UP THE LINEUP Ocean Project (See Above)