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호석이 Bias Problem
Biases..... There's nothing better than collecting biases! You quickly learn their life history, blood type, ideal type, position as member, their favorite past time but more importantly his/her real name. Using their real name makes you feel closer to them (intl fan problem #1) or as you fan girl/boy over a new video! My bias wreckers here just happen to share a name! WonHo and J Hope.
신 호석 aka 원호 The things he do to my heart! can i breathe 조세요!!!!!
중호석 aka 제이홉 As silly as he is he still that something about him. Personally, he's the best looking guy in the group.
Though neither of them are my main biases, i still love them.
몬스타엑스 & 방탄소년단 화이팅!!!!!!!!
Just SEXY!
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Omg I have the same biases too
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omg my sexy Vampire he is my life love wonho
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yay saved more pics I didn't need. 😂
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