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I know this is kinda late, but what has to be said has to be said...SM is messing up big time with Yixing and I won't be surprised if he leaves...I just found out that he had only 2 minutes out of the WHOLE album...I was really pissed off when the Chinese mvs came out and he only had TWO LINES!!! TWO.FREAKING.LINES!!!
I'm seriously tired of the way SM treats Yixing and what hurts most is he hasn't left EXO because he promised the members and us he would stay...
And you know what the funny thing is Yixing's Monodrama is still on top of the Charts...Yes SM, my baby is still on top of the charts...you can try to break him, but EXO-Ls got his back!!!
Dear SM I don't know if you remember but you have a Chinese member in EXO and his name is Zhang Yixing. He can sing, dance, rap, compose, produce and is also a variety king and if you ever try to degrade him you will have to answer to millions of EXO-Ls...he may not be everyones bias but everyone has a week spot for him #JusticeforYixing #Bringthatsmileback
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Sometimes I don't want to bash SM other times I do. I've heard about how hard it is for a kpop star in general and how demanding it is. So if someone works their butt off in your for you better repay them back. It's called the law of equivalent exchange. It's what any kind, resonable, and knowledgeable person would do. I really don't undersand why this is so hard for people to understand. Sure I'm not perfect, but it's better that I try to be nice most of the time. If one is rude and inconsiderate most of the time the rare times that they are nice will be completely disregarded. Humans focus more on bad memories and icidents than good, but if you limit the amount of bad memories the less likely someone will be to point fingers at you right away. So please do good instead of bad. We love and support the stars that SM produces, yet if SM can't follow the basic law of equivalent exchange for all the slaved hard work that is done in favor of SM then should SM be considered human at all?
I appologize for these harsh words.
speaking volumes on this
Pause... Lay can rap?
@KDramaKPop1015 don't worry your words where not harsh for me I was angry at some people because of things they said but I needed to forgive them I don't think some people know about kpop and how it's a harsh reality sometimes imagine if we where walking in a kpop artists shoes dealing with what they have to deal with everyday ?