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Hey Guys! So, today im making a card about my favorite girl group, EXID. I love them! And pretty much every member is my bias, but if I had to choose one I would go with LE.
So some more information on EXID is.. They have five members, and they debuted is 2012 with Whoz That Girl. Down below you will see information on every member!


This is LE, she's the rapper of the group, and my bias. She was born December 10th, 1991.


She's the maknae of the group, and her and LE are known as the "Tom and Jerry" of the group sense they act like Tom and Jerry. She was born on May 8th, 1995.


Hani is one of the singers in the group and she has short hair now, and if you've been watching Weekly Idol then, you've probably seen her. She was born on May 1st, 1992.


Solji is the leader of the group and the oldest. She's my second favorite in the group. Her voice will blow you away! She is so talented at singing! She was born on January 10th, 1989.


Hyerin is a singer, and plus I love her laugh. She's one of my favorites to. She was born on August 23rd, 1993.
Who's your bias in EXID? Do you listen to them? Do you like their group? They just came out with their first full album, Street, you should totally go check it out! Leave down in the comments if you like EXID or, who your bias is!!
@UnicornSuga thanks for putting in the effort!!! They don't get nearly enough love for how talented they are :D
@MattK95 I made this card so people can choose a bias and so EXID can get more attention, because I see barely any cards about them! But, I agree I love them all! There all so talented and I just love their group ❤
I think LE is my bias. I first heard her when she featured on that track "You Got Some Nerve" with Feeldog and Yong Junhyun (which was a pretty damn good song btw lol) and she just seemed cool to me. And we share the same birthday! 👍🏾
Never able to pick biases in groups I like, it just doesn't work that way for me XD I adore EXID they are so amazing as people and as artists :D
I love junghwa and solji but I love Them all :'))
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