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After the concert, Lee Min ho stays for a while in the Philippines. Its his second time visiting in the Philippines first is his fan meet sponsored by bench/ and the second one is his concert the Philippines. After his concert, he sent a message to all of his fans in the Philippines sayin. “Magandang gabi. Salamat po. Manila. Masayaba kayo ㅎㅎ” Then he posted a photo in his LINE Account eating a filipino cuisine. “This is karekare. ” He said in his LINE account. After having being delighted by kare-kare, he even try the mango juice and introduce it! saying “Mango juice. ” His concert in the Philippines went so successful.. His fans supported him all the way, Minos in manila waited patiently for min ho to finally comeback in the country. The dome was filled by all of Min Ho’s fan in the phiippines. Chukahaeyo Min ho oppa!!! Your’e fans in the Manila Loves you and wait for your next comeback!!
what restaurant ?
oppa wd u shr,plzzz :-)
min ho pls come back again in philippines,,,