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Is anyone going to the first day of Got7's New York Concert and is in need of a concert buddy? I have a P1 ticket and if we go together we'll just meet up at the PlayStation Theater, not travel together. If interested, then please message me.
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i have a ticket for the Atlanta show!!!
I'm going and hoping to meet up with someone also she has p2 tickets and I have p3. I was really hoping that a friend of mine was gonna go but no she is not, I don't know why I keep trying to meet up with her it never happens.
@JohannaTlatench sorry. that's unfortunate. I would've been going with a good friend of mines to but sadly she got a p2 ticket to the second day.
@serenitypierce omg thank you your the best 馃榿
@SerenityPierce thanks, I also was hoping to go with friends but as I know none of them are going