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I just read the latest chapter of the Fairy Tail manga and it sent me in tears (yeah I'm a guy but this pulled some strings). I have to ask everyone, is this the end for Gajeel? I'm praying it's not but I need to know everyone else's thoughts. Should he be killed off? Or will come out of this alive?
@SimplyAwkward Omg i know! Idk how many people I have told to please put the spoiler alert or a picture but im guessing a lot of people didn't get the memo😭😂
@AimeBolanos it really is because I've seeing these way too much with out spoiler cards or mature warning
You should please put Spoiler in this card or a different pic that goes with the subjest just so that people dont gwt this amazingly sad part spoiled anymore
Your both right and I apologize. I'll take what you said and won't make the same mistake again.
@SimplyAwkward Lol you're a mod too😂 TuT very proud you keeping this matter up it's very important
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