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I just read the latest chapter of the Fairy Tail manga and it sent me in tears (yeah I'm a guy but this pulled some strings). I have to ask everyone, is this the end for Gajeel? I'm praying it's not but I need to know everyone else's thoughts. Should he be killed off? Or will come out of this alive?
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my theory (or what I want) is that he just got sucked into another world or realm
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I don't really think he's gonna die there was the one part where Natsu was sent to another place or dimension and forced his way out
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@JuanSantiago So you think Gajeel will try and do the same thing?
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@Gabby991 yes I think because Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel are all first generation dragon slayers (not that has to do with this) but both Natsu and Wendy both had to use their dragon force in a tuff situation and now I think it's Gajeels' turn (it's just what I think though don't take my word for it)
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@KaminariHana huh that's what my brother said
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