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if anyone is familiar with the British tv show Mock The Week, this game is similar to the final game of every episode called Scenes We'd Like To See. This version is all anime based. I'll post a new one everyday or so. the rules are simple. 1. You can make as many jokes as you want. No limit. 2. Be as witty, clever and as funny as you can with your answers. 3. You can reference as many characters as you want. 4. 24 hours after this is first posted, I'll declare a winner, runner up and third place. 5. Have fun with this.
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No, I always gave up. No, I always abandoned my friends in need. No,i can win this fight without the power of friendship n love.
2 years ago·Reply
there is no way i can beat you!
2 years ago·Reply
yes I still have all of my friends and none of them are dead
a year ago·Reply
It's not like I care about you! B-baka!
a year ago·Reply
I give up
a year ago·Reply