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Ello Everyone! Here is chapter 3!


Link---> *Note* This will be a Fanfic for Mature Readers so read at your own risk! Ravi X Reader Mature Content Foul Language
I walked inside the office to see a man in a nice suit. It was overwhelming just being in this office. Had to admit, it was pretty scary and nerve racking. "Hello, how can I help you?" He said as he looked up at me smiling "Hello, my name is Y/N. I'm the girl that moved here from Califor-" "Ah yes yes yes! Welcome welcome to Korea. I'm sorry that we had to get you to leave your hometown and come down here to work" He says cutting me off "Oh no, it's okay. I have no problem with that at all. I've actually been thinking of moving away from California to explore what's out their more and this gave me an opportunity, which I'm very grateful for" I reply back He sat their astounded of what my response was. "Thats great! I'm glad we helped you out their. But please, please sit down so we can go over what you'll be doing today" He says smiling and pointing towards the chair in front of him I moved right away to sit down to listen to what I would be doing. This was exciting! My first job here in Korea and the manager seems to be so nice! "Okay, so what your gonna be doing is waitressing. You will be given details of what the uniform should look like and shoes. You don't need to worry about makeup" He continued Oh thank God, I was hoping he would say that. I nodded and continued to listen to what else he had to say. "Okay so let's get down to business. The restaurant opens up everyday at 8am and we close at 10pm. So it will be long shifts. Of course everyone isn't staying here that long. Its two shifts every day so the first shift would be from 8am-3pm and the second shift would be from 3pm-10pm. Since you know many languages, we could really use your help in the afternoon shift since we get many foreign customers around that time" He then continued After he finished with that sentence, I told him that I was fine with whichever time he needed me. "Great! In that case, let's get down to wardrobe. The wardrobe for the female's is either a skirt, which can only be Blue or Black and the shirt needs to be White, short or long sleeve. As for the shoes, they can be Blue or Black flats when wearing skirts and Blue or Black when wearing pants. The bottoms needs to be dress pants so no jeans." He says "Okay I got everything down" I reply back "Excellent, in that case since you didn't know about the wardrobe today, what your wearing is fine. Just be sure you have your clothing ready for tomorrow" He said I nodded so he can see that I got what he had said. "Okay well that is all I needed to say so since it's morning and I put you down for afternoon, I will have you start at this time just for today and once it hits 3pm you are free to go. Is that okay with you?" He says looking at me "Yes, that is totally fine with me sir" I respond smiling "Great, in that case let me get someone in here to help you out and show you around" He responds He ended up dialing a number so I just stayed put quietly waiting for whomever he was getting.
"Yah come down here to my office. I need you to show the new girl around so she can get used to the place and know where everything is." He says to the other person on the phone He hung up the phone and turns around back to look at me. "He'll be here soon" He says smiling After a few minutes have passed, I heard a knock on the door. Ah it was probably who was going to help me out. "Come in" He says The person at the door comes in but I couldn't see who it was since my back was towards the door. "Ah Ravi" He starts to say My eyes widened. 'Wait. Did I just hear correct? Did he just say Ravi? Oh please please please tell me theirs another Ravi working here.' I thought to myself "This is Y/N. She's new here so would you please show her around the place that way she can get familiar to where everything is" He finished saying I turned around to see him already looking at me smiling. 'Oh God..Above all the employees here, why him' I thought "Yes, of course I'll show her around" He responds "Great! You both are excused. Ah, Ms Y/N, if you ever need anything please let me know" The manager says "T-Thank you sir" I respond and bowed Ravi and I then proceeded to the door. I was about to grab the doorknob to open it but Ravi beat me to it and opened it up. "Ladies first" He says with a smile "T-thank You" I respond back with a shy smile We walked side by side with him talking about where things we're. The restrooms, The kitchen, The Janitors place in case we need supplies from there. We ended up going back to the kitchen to show me around. I didn't understand as to why all the waitresses kept looking at me all weird. Once we walked in the kitchen the female cooks also gave me looks. I started to feel like I had something on my face. Without paying too much attention, I went back to listening to what Ravi was saying. He was going on about how he's in charge of the kitchen and stuff. I was surprised when he mentioned that. I thought he was just a cook like the rest of the workers here. Guess I was wrong. He then took me back out where all the other waitresses we're at. "Hey ladies, this is Y/N. She's new here so please be nice and help her out as much as possible for her to feel more comfortable and welcomed" He said to the other waitresses They all shook their heads yes and bowed to him without responding.
"Okay! Well I gotta get back to the kitchen so see yah later newbie" He says as he patted my shoulder and walked away I turned around to see the waitresses staring at me. It was a bit intimidating. "So your new here huh?" One of them said to me "Yes, I am. Just moved here from California" I respond "Oh I wonder Ravi is all up on you and nice" Another said I looked at her in confusion as to what she meant by that. "What do you mean by that? I asked her She looked at the other waitress next to her and then back at me "Well, your new here so we'll fill you in on things you should know so you won't get in trouble......or fired" She then went on Okay....this is getting scary now "Oookay, What do I need to know?" I respond back She and the other waitress came closer to me so that nobody would hear us and said "Okay, well you already met Ravi. Well he um" She began looking around to see if the coast was clear "He's a player!" The other waitress whisper yelled Wait...what...He's. A player???? But he doesn't seem like he is... I looked at both shocked. "A-Are you sure? Because when I bumped into him earlier he didn't give off any kind of vibe like that" I say to both of them They just looked at each other as if I was crazy or blind to see it. "Oh we know he is. He just likes to mess with girls because of how good looking he is and he knows he can get any girl he wanted. I mean..why do you think he's being nice to you. Thats how he starts with every girl." One of them said I was still in shock from what they told me. Ravi doesn't seem like that type of person. I would know because I can usually tell...but maybe they're right..I mean, they've known him longer. "Before you, their was another girl working here in your place. But she got fired because of Ravi. We don't know what happened but the next day, we didn't see her. All we heard was that Ravi went to talk to his dad about something and the next thing we see is the girl coming out of the office so angry that she slapped Ravi in front of us and left, never seeing her again" She continued Oh my God....what did I get myself into... "Their must be a good explanation for all this though. Maybe she did something to him?" I say The girls shook their heads "We heard that the reason was because she wasn't giving in to what he wanted of her. I'm telling you Y/N, Ravi is someone to stay away from. He may be very attractive and all but he does have the power to get someone fire. He uses that as an advantage since he's the boss's son" She says Wait. What! "W-W-Wait! What?!?! Boss's son? You mean the manager that I went to go talk to?!?!" I whisper yelled "No no no, not him. He's the manager of the place. The boss usually comes in once in a while to check that things are going well and to see if the manager he hired is doing his job correctly" One of them said This is too much. I feel like I'm gonna pass out any moment now. "None of us understand why he chose to work here if he is rich" I looked at her still in shock and now wondering the same. "By the way, I'm Yoona, nice to meet you" She said bowing "And I'm Amber" She said also bowing "Nice to meet the both you" I respond and bowed "Sorry if we scared you their with this information. We just wanted to give you a heads up about him. I know he's hard to resist but its best to keep our distance from him or we'll end up like the last girl." Yoona says "Oh no, no, its totally fine with me. I'm very glad you told me. I for sure am gonna be careful. Thank you for warning me about him" I respond back "Sure, no problem" She says and smiles "Now I see why every female here was looking at me while I was walking with him" I say "Yeah, practically everyone here including the men, know about him. Is why they are careful on speaking to him or getting close with him" Amber says "I see why now" I respond "Well, we better get to work before we get in trouble" Yoona says "Come, we'll show you how it's done" Amber says smiling I followed both of them so they can show me what to do and how things we're done so that then I can get a feeling of what to do. In my mind I couldn't help but keep thinking about what Yoona and Amber have told me about Ravi. "I am most definitely gonna stay away from him" I muttered to myself I turned around to see where he was and saw him in the kitchen going back and forth getting supplies and checking on the cooks. I was so lost in thought I didn't realize that he had stopped and was now looking at me. Oh shit... He smiled and waved at me. I didn't know what to do but without thinking I waved back and smiled. His smile grew bigger once he saw me wave back. In my mind, all I could think of while waving and smiling back at him was.... Y/N, you are so screwed....

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