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I don't get why people are getting worked up about Lay have two lines and two minutes in the album. It's absolutely ridiculous to me. Yeah he had short lines but you know what it's better than not having any parts. He hardly had any parts in the past. Same with Sehun. They both have longer parts this time. I have a good example. In Machine, Sehun only had the "Ah Yeah" part and that was it. People would have been more pissed if they didn't have any parts. You should be happy they have parts and not be attacking SM like they're trash for this. I know they may not be the best company but they gave them parts. So stop overreacting. It's stupid to get mad over something so little. Get over it. Some members should get more parts yes but don't overreact.
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yes but don't you think it's even a little bit outrageous that the only Chinese member left in the group had so little lines in the Chinese versions?
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im juat happy that he is not getting overworked in this come back. lay has been sick lately.
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isn't the reason he has so few lines is bc he has been working in China and even put out his own song.
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can't really have lines if you're not there
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@KaiJae true, but please remember that he isn't the one who decides his schedule, SM does
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