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It's been a few days and I've finally gotten time to update this story! Would have done so earlier but I had been working on Bts fan fic and getting that one posted as well. Now its B.A.P story time!
The story is still in the early stages and introducing characters! I hope you like!
We left the airport shortly after a quick chat and one last chance to double check my phone. It was no good, I was going to have to get a phone here, a cheap prepaid one so that I could make calls and texts, it was all I needed it for. Once I was connected to an internet source I could use my regular phone to check up on snapchat/facebook, social media in general.
As we started walking Krystal said that we have to take the express train to get to Gangnam which was where we needed to get to.
“Once we get there you can go shopping for a phone” Krystal told me. The airport was huge so it took us sometime to navigate where the express train was. While we were waiting I realized that my phone was still connected to the internet as my phone started beeping and blinking with notifications. I had several posts on facebook with people glad that I made it here safely and than a couple people on sapchat sending me video’s.
“Do you mind if I listen?” I asked Krystal. She just shrugged.
“Go ahead” she vocalized. I smiled and clicked on the chat from Marly. She went on about how happy she was for me and how much she missed me.
There was another from Him419. He wrote that he was glad I got here and to be careful on the train to gangnam. I wrote him back that I would be careful and I was going to get a phone once I got to gangnam than I would give him the number. I also told him that he better meet me for coffee tomorrow like he promised me.
He sent me a snap of an okay and peace sign but no picture of his face. Oh well.
The train came and we got on and talked about things that we could do together and what I could do on my own. I had really big plans for exploring the area and getting to see some of the more interesting bridges. I also wanted to see an aquarium and amusement park.
After arriving and getting off the train Krystal took me to a phone shop. I ended up getting a classic bar phone, hadn’t had one of those in years. Krystal took me through a neighborhood and down to a three story house, or what looked more like an apartment complex, it reminded me of a brick apartment complex that an old friend had lived at back home in chicago. So weird.
“So this is it” she said nervously.
“It looks nice” I told her truthfully. “It looks like a house back home” I said with a laugh. “Let’s go in” I nudged her.
“Yes, lets go in” she smiled. Inside was like a regular house, she took her shoes off and I followed suit entering the house in my fuzzy orange socks. As we went deeper into the house we came to the living area where there was several couches and a tv on, two people were sitting there watching, right next to it was a kitchen. The girls turned to look at me, one went back to watching tv and the other stood up and came closer.
“Is this her?” she spoke in korean.
“Yes” Krystal nodded speaking in english. “Lena this is my sister Jin soo, but her american name is-”
“You can call me Ginny” she said in a chipper voice. “ Kee soo has been so excited to have you come visit” she added speaking in english.
“Its nice to meet you” I said speaking in korean, it was what little I knew.
“I’m going to show her around the house and to her room” Krystal said.
“Okay” she nodded. Than she went back to sit on the couch.
“That is Miche” Krystal said pointing to the other girl. “She stays pretty quiet” she added. “Alright let’s show your room” she said before going up the stairs. On the second level she showed me where the bathroom was and pointed out her room and her sisters room than we went to the third level where there was three rooms, one was Miche’s, another was the third boarder who was at school and than there was one where I was staying. All that was in there was bedding to sleep on the floor, a desk and an nightstand. The room was very bare.
“I hope you do not mind sleeping on floor” she told me sheepishly. It made me laugh.
“Giving me the full experience now aren’t you” I said as I set my bag in a corner. “It’s fine. I’ve slept on worse than a floor. Plus there is blankets” I said pointing to the stack of them. Krystal laughed.
“Do you want to sleep now?” she asked hesitantly. It made me laugh. I had just slept for five hours on the plane ride over. I had a second wind once we had gotten on the train an hour ago and was ready to start exploring.
“Can we go out?” I asked just as my stomach rumbled. I sheeply asked if we could eat.
“I know the perfect place to take you” she brightened.
“Cool” I nodded. “Just let me change. I hadn’t really dressed to go out” I said as I looked at my outfit. I was in a dark purple maxi dress that reached to the floor and I had been wearing my ankle boots. It was the most comfortable for being on a plane, but walking around, not so much.
“Go ahead” she nodded before she left me to my own devices. I went through my carry on finding the extra outfit I put in there, a just in case I lost my luggage. I pulled out the Blue v shirt and the black leggings that had a skirt attached to it. I slipped the dress off and put the new outfit on. I shook my hair than remembered that it was super short now and couldn’t do much with it, so I just ran my fingers through it to get it straightened out and than left it down. The last thing I did was apply make up and than I was ready to go out. I went downstairs to discover that krystal was talking to Ginny and Miche.
“Hey”I said approaching. Krystal turned to me.
“Jin soo and Miche are going to come with us to get food, that okay?” she asked and I nodded.
“Definitely” I said reassuring her it was okay.
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