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KconLA2016 MeetUp Chat!!

QUICK UPDATE THERE A AGE LIMIT TO JOIN you must be 20 and up, the youngest we'll take is 19 since we plan to do adult stuff.

Thanks to my first wifey @Sammie99522 (I owe her my life) she got us kcon tickets!! so now we can meet up with @IsoldaPazo and hang over in my city Los Angeles!! aye!!! So everyone who plans on going to kconLA and your going alone or even if you have a friend who going if you wanna join the kcon meet up chat drop your kakao ID down below on the comments or Add me my ID is VinnyMarshOrea and I'll add you in the group chat it'll be so much fun we should go to a obbq and karaoke too we decided to go with kakaotalk because it allows gifs and alot more kpop stuff stickers
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Ugh how did you get tickets 😭😭
a year ago·Reply
Tried SO hard to get tix, failed! Any tips for Monday's release? I'm currently in mourning over not getting any on Friday!!!
a year ago·Reply
@maddiedo @jiminakpop there still single tickets on the 13
a year ago·Reply
@twistedPuppy ik but it might glitch again I got in at 1:10 and I kept getting the no tickets found
a year ago·Reply
@twistedPuppy yes, I'm gonna try for them, but if it's like Friday.... Idk, I was sol and had 4 friends online trying to help me get tix and we got nothin'. Any tips???
a year ago·Reply