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EAT JIN 😭😭 replay uploaded!

BREHHH I watched it but it was wayy shorter than expected :///

Still loved it ofc~ :D

I take screenshots at the worst moments sometimes... I missed J-hope's cute face ><

Hobi's face ♡ What's on RM's hand??

V, those weren't your candles xD

*waiting to upload replay link* x3


I wish I could watch it but I'm at work😭😭
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@Choijiah it's ok!! I know that feel ><
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Wth?! I thought it'd be dinner time so I went to sleep early and set an alarm for 7am but it came on 1am?! I'm going crazy. But I'm glad there were lots of hearts, that's all that matters
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yes it was way to short I thought we'd get an hour at least.
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