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Ive been thinking about it and i think im gonna do a BTS fanfic! Not sure who the lead male is just yet but I already have a theme. Now tell me what u think!
Melody was from California and had moved to Seoul about 3 years ago. In those three years she had stayed inside escaping reality. She is sweet, caring, smart, but shy when it comes to certain people. If someone gave off a certain vibe she would get nervous and her shyness would come out. One day a group moves in next door. Seven handsome men. Little did she know they would be the reason she finds more happiness than ever and maybe even love!
what should I name it?
I was thinking Happiness or something like that XD
I got this idea after re-watching Flower Boy Next Door and reading The Boy Next Door (By @MrsJungHoseok )
I really hope you look forward to this as much as I am looking forward to writing it!
Im tagging the usuals but if the story doesnt interest you, you can ask to be removed if you wish.
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to me, it sounds like Taehyung would be perf πŸ˜‚ because he'd be a dork and she'd be like, um um um *looks away* and he wouldn't catch on till much later on πŸ˜‚
I think the same thing as @Sailynn. and I like the happiness part but maybe call it unexpected happiness
Oooh I like this idea!! "A Nervous Love" would be a good title to use. Tag me in the upcoming chapters ^.^
tag me please πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Taehyung would be perfect for the lead role, but I want Namjoon as the second male character. I feel like he doesn't ever have as much action in a story.
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