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This is why I can't do evening walks or grocery in my neighborhood. There's a beauty boutique nearby the market and it always trying to steal my attention with sale signs. I walked in last night and came out with the following.
Tomato Slice Mask Sheet Got it for about $1. The sheet comes in a circular shape and there about 12 of them. I'm planning to use it in the morning or post-sun activity as a cucumber patch.
Bioderma Sebium Micellar Water Bloggers has been raving about this item so I was curious to see if this live up to its hype. The travel size was on sale so I got it. FYI, I don't use makeup so I'm using it as a morning cleanser. I normally just soak a cotton pad with rose water toner to wipe away sebum in the morning. I'll see if this is a better alternative for summer.
La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water Spray You know I was looking for a facial mist and while this wasn't on my list I got it after reading several reviews. I got two travel size bottle for the price of one.
Placentor Vegetal Regulating Cream This moisturizer is suppose to help control sebum and oil secretion. I usually stay away from cream products because it tends to make my face sticky and more oily. I did a spot test with this product and it's didn't leave a heavy residue. Since it was 60% off $30, I decided to try it. Apparently, it's also a popular brand in France and it's plant-based.
Care Zone Doctor Solution A-Cure Sun Cream I needed a new sunscreen and got it due to the fact it has tea tree in the ingredient. It's suppose to be made for acne prone skin. Although, I don't breakout often I want something that doesn't leave a shiny residue or white cast. The extra travel-sized foam cleanser was another reason why I purchased it.
Bouquet Garni Peach Fragranced Lip Balm This was purchased at another shop during my lunch break but I'm sharing it here anyways since it's new. It's basically a orange tinted lip balm with peach scent. Total spent on everything: $37 Retail price: $90 That's over 50% off!
@cindystran Lol I live a long long way from Ulta, I'm from Sydney :)
I love a good sale! Compare to your local drug store, everything is expensive here, even when they are on sale...
@Animaniafreak I'll keep that in mind!!! 馃榾
@cindystran be warned, everything is more expensive here, especially food! Other than that, Sydney is a beautiful city to visit and we are mostly very friendly ppl :)
@Animaniafreak Sephora is not bad either. Although the sale varies. Is there a popular beauty store in Australia? Anyways, I always wanted to travel to Sydney!
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