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"I don't see why I try" I said out loud "Daniella..come on" Daniel said trying to hug me "no, no really I don't see why, Daniel everytime I try to get close or anything to you, you push me away and tell me that I'm just a friend. Why should I try to be with you when I'm just a friend?" I said looking down the whole time. "Daniella, maybe later on in the year we will get together just not now, please don't give up on me. I need you." Daniel said getting closer and closer. "No, why should I stay when you won't. I'm done Daniel I quit." I said looking down but this time I started crying. "Daniella please don't cry you know I hate it when you cry I care for you I love you." Daniel said trying to break my hands away from my face. " Stop!  Stop it. You don't love me okay you love someone else if you love me you would be with me right now. So stop lying to me so you can get your way!" When I said this I started crying harder and harder everytime my eyes met his. I tried walking away but he pulled me in his arms and he didn't let go. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. Daniella I love you don't think your a game I love you to pieces but I just can be with you. It's complicated, I'm sorry. " he said not letting go. "Then you don't love me, Daniel I would do anything just to be with you because I love you. Even if my family kicks me out I would still date you because I love you. If you can't do the same then It's not love. I'm sorry. I have to go goodbye. " I walked away fast hoping he won't pull me back in. I was crying so much my eyes became dry. I couldn't stand anymore I felt my body getting weak, I fell to the ground resting my head on my knees. I can't believe what just happened, I let him go,  I let the person I love go because I thought if I stay I'm only going to get hurt in a way I never wanted to, and I was right. "Daniella, are you okay?" I looked up and I see Justin bending over to look at me directly in the face. "Yeah, I'm fine." I said wiping my tears. "No, your not, talk to me." Justin said sitting right next to me. "Daniel, he told me he loves me but he can't be with me. I just don't get it Justin." I started crying again, then Justin started to hug me "Daniella you're a beautiful, amazing, sweet, and the best girl I know, and this guy, Yeah he doesn't deserve you. You deserve better." He said looking at me. I couldn't stop starting at him, his eyes were soft and he slowly leaned in and kissed me softly as if i was slowly breaking. I pushed him away, "No, justin you're great and all but I can't kiss you...not like this, I'm a mess."  I said looking down. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that. Ugh I'm so stupid. " Justin said looking down and upset at himself. "Justin you're not stupid, don't worry..It's okay I'm fine. You don't need to apologize, I kinda liked it, it cheered me up a little." I look at him with a smile. "Daniella, can I say something?" Justin said looking at me "sure!" I said smiling "okay I like you. I liked you for a while now I just never couldn't explain how I felt." Justin said looking at me. I smiled softly at him and closed my eyes. "thank you Justin" I said placing my head on his shoulder. "anytime Daniella" he said placing a kiss on my head.
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I read your story and it was awesome, you have creative writing
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