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It is no coincidence that our continent resembles the shape of a footprint. For step by step we run, skip and leap over our obstacles, hurdles and trenches that have dug for us and holes we have dug for ourselves. This "Dark Continent" beams brighter daily as our vision sees through the illusions and tints and lies that we have fed ourselves. Travel a little further and embrace our pyramids that yet no other country has managed to replicate As our colourful creative flags carry no baggage of what we dealt with in the past but is a bright proclamation of recreating the future. Touch my hands to and see these blood diamonds that those have so eagerly ripped from the same hands that have raised the next generation. Our minerals run deeper than fickle jewellery. Last longer than the Nile river that you still wish to canoe through. We celebrate something far greater than just a day given to us. But uniqueness and heritage embedded in our tongues as utter praise with our vernacular United by 1 God 1 hallelujah 1 amen Travel further down our lanes and history and rediscover that we love our table shaped mountains hoping the next level kilimanjaro. As we go down under Okovango will I be standing next to you at God's windows. And right between our thighs don't be shocked to see our water break as it gushes against rocks at Victoria falls Silence is no longer our anthem as we demand from rooftops to #BringBackOurGirls #FeesMustFall #147NotJustANumber #ThisYearWeMispronounceBack as we still #PayBackTheMoneyfor we are #TheAfricaMediaNeverShowsYou Our past and present pain has set the platform for the legends, folk tale, hero and activists that your world looks up to Sirleaf Ellen Biko Shaka Bantu Kofi Banda Makeba Chukwuma Luthuli Makgatho Mugabe Dube Masekela Zeleke Kathrada Mbeki Hani Mbuli Chaka Fassie Mahlangu Sisulu Amin Mandela the countless unnamed: Me You... Africa