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You hear that your fave oppas are coming to your state.
So you're like...
And then you're like imagining all the endless possibilities of how you'll see oppa at the concert (or "camp" in this case XDD)
But you know you're broke and you know you're gonna need a shit load of money to even consider going to see them perform...
But you know you can earn up some money.. And at last you're halfway to getting the money you'll probably need to get the tickets...
And then it gets cancelled -___-
So you go into the five stages of grief.. But jokes aside, after decades of school, I saw the whole issue of Super Junior. It's quite upsetting seeing people wanting Kangin to be kicked out of the group. And to see that that might be one of the reasons they cancelled the show; the whole accident thing. But maybe I'm over thinking things. And maybe the show is not cancelled,who knows.. ;-;
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Both shows are canceled because supposedly the organizers didn't think having the group would sell. I mean. I don't even understand this logic. I saw that instead of Kangin, they've added Ryewook for the Mexico dates. They could've done the same for the dates here. I don't think its fair some get canceled while the others don't.
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Also, this definitely has to do with the whole Kangain thing πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
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