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Yes, it IS pure love (literal title) and it's Unforgettable (English title) when you watch this beautiful and poignant film about friendship and first love starring D.O. , Kim So Hyun, Yeon Joon Seok, David Lee, and Joo Da Young.

Kyungsoo did an amazing job in this film, as did all of his fellow cast members:
Kim So Hyun ( Dramas you may remember her in: Moon Embracing the Sun, Missing You, The Suspicious Housekeeper, School 2015)
Joo Da Young (This girl had a long list of movies and TV shows including The Slave Hunters and Inspiring Generations)
David Lee (Lee Da Wit - You may have seen him in School 2015 or Mirror of the Witch)
Yeon Joon Seok (Dramas include Choco Bank, Shark, and Reply 1994)

Plot: On a live music radio show, a letter arrives from the 23 years in the past. Through the letter, the first love and friendships of five friends are revealed.

This movie caught me so off guard and touched my heart to the very core... by the end of the film I was crying my eyes out with a small smile on my lips.

I've always kind of loved/hated this song by Kansas, but now, because of this film.. I'll hear it in a whole new and sweet way.

So if you have some down time this weekend watch this film. I promise you it is worth your time and you will truly find Pure Love!

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@JamiMilsap it was so beautiful I would definitely say
I loved that movie so much ! And not just because he is my UB. I was like you, I was sobbing for like the last 10 minutes straight. Lol
@Tigerlily84 Right!?! 馃槶 馃槉
@JamiMilsap I will own that movie as soon as I find it!
i LOVE first love should be "pure"