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So true!! Always thinking about the ending and making it beautiful is great. Why not start that beauty today and love it out until the end?? Live life to the fullest and find meaning and beauty in all that you touch and touches your heart!! Live the life of someone who isn't just proud of themselves at the end saying "look what I finally did, I'm happy now". Be the one who stands out and says "look what I'm doing!! And I couldn't be happier" pure bliss in a beautiful life!! Anime is life!! Gin-San's Words of Wisdom!!
@sammcallister NAKAMA is more commonly an anime/manga term used for friend relating to bonds I'd and such and choice to pick them is say based off what I take it for anyways.
@sammcallister right!! I would say healing of wounds of the heart for sure!!
I like GINTAMA I haven't seen any yet but I'm sure by what you say its pretty heartfelt, one can tell just by this sneak peak that the poetry within is going to be deep and enough to jerk anybody's emotions around as the poetry speaks volumes and also brings out people's inner selves they keep hidden and emotions that lay buried. This NAKAMA therefore may even have some healing qualities ehh?
@sammcallister this is from the anime GINTAMA I was telling you about where it ha stones of crazy comedy but amazing serious feels and lessons!! Simple things and how he says them at the right moments always makes me smile and tear up haha!! He is an inspiring NAKAMA for sure!!
With your audience also in mind I feel its most appropriate to mention that Heintai is for adults but even still most surely does not possess the level of spiritual connection associated with the life experiences lived that can be found in the above anime. I am as well interested in the choice of words framing this anime because if nakama means friendship does this mean that this anime has the same qulaities and that they also may posses a quality called nakama, Tomodachi. Meaning friend?