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The Votes have been Counted, and we have a winner! Thank you all for voting and I hope you enjoy this Special card I made for all of you.

Facts about Daehyun:

Real Name: Jung Daehyun
Mato Name: Kekemato
Blood type: A
Birthdate: 1993.06.28
Hometown: Busan
Weight/Height: 177cm/63kg
position: Main Vocalist
Family: Father, Mother and Older Brother
Bunny Color: White

Fun Facts about Daehyun:

-Daehyun is Left Handed. (Just like me!)
-Daehyun has a Nice Relationship with his Brother, but when they fight, it gets brutal. in some cases they use their fists.
-Daehyun confessed he once dated a girl for only 20 days.
-Daehyun's Dream of becoming a singer grew when he was younger after watching DBSK's Performances.
-When Daehyun first met Yongguk and Himchan he Thought "Wow, the People I see on TV are here!"
-Daehyun had a Knee injury after their Debut, went to an Orthopedic clinic, and when the Clerk asked him his name, Said: "We're B.A.P! Yessir."
-Daehyun was born in Gwangju.
-Daehyun likes to Bully and tease the Maknaes a lot.
-Even though Daehyun eats a Lot, he is Still considered Small due to his high Metabolic Rate.
-Even though Daehyun may seem Talkative, Naughty and a Prankster, he is Actually a Gentle Person.
-Daehyun doesn't Like seafood.
-Daehyun has a Temper and Would Often lecture using his Busan Accent in the Dorm.
- Although Daehyun always worried about his dark skin, Youngjae thought it was cool and wanted to have Daehyun's Skin.
-When asked what he would bring if he is stuck in an Island, Daehyun answered iPod and Cheesecake.
-Daehyun said that his hidden talent is eating the most yet not growing a single bit of fat.
-Daehyun is still getting nervous when there are Fans around him.
-When Daehyun doesn't Feel like answering he'll answer "No Comment" and walk away.
-Daehyun Wakes up earlier than other Members in the Dorm.
-Daehyun is more popular with guys than girls, so that's why he hung around a lot of Guys.
-He complained to his Members about not having enough parts in MTV Ta-Da! it's B.A.P.
-Daehyun Said he's closest to Yongguk, Not Youngjae.
-Daehyun Tried imitating Zelo's LTE rap and left the room because it annoyed him that he couldn't do it and his tongue kept getting Tied.
-Daehyun's Face is really small in real Life.
-Daehyun Cried Recording "All Lies."
-He made fun of JongUp for not having any lines and Jongup got Angry.
-He kept playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with Zelo and he got mad that he kept losing.

Daehyun Quotes:

"We need to do something difficult in order to show the real us."
"I want to become an artist they can't forget for a long, Long Time."

Well, that's it for this K-star Saturday. I hope you enjoyed this card. If you would like to be notified whenever I post on K-star Saturday, You can either follow my Collection "T.G.I.K-pop" or you can let me know in the comments if you would like to be added to my K-star Saturday Taglist.

Yay. Another person who's left handed!!!
I think he's addicted to the V app as he seems to go on it every few days. It's so cute.
@MaeLyn I know you do! It's like my obsession with Hakyeon!
@ChaErica I love him so much haha
Please tag me!!!! It was nice learning more about my bias!!!! @JaxomB Right!? And he's usually on for like 10 or less minutes too but he posts like everyday!!! cx
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