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Jimin has the cutest pet peeve! ♡
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I'm kinda the same way, so when I join them together, I end up spending the next 10-20 minutes trying to get them to line up. Then I just give up and they end up seperating again 😂😂😂
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Hahah hmm what a great observation i didnt even notice 😮 😂 It really is though!!! 😮😮 @jiminakpop
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This is quite possibly the most adorable thing I've seen in a while. While I completely get how he feels as I am the same way, this just adds to the level of preciousness that is Chim. 💕
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I'm kinda the same but like I hate it when tables are joined but are not lined up. I line it up where the lines meet and not crooked.
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Is it just me, or does that last gif highlight just how dang manly his jawline is getting?
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