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As all of you may know this fantastic YouTube singer Christina Grimmie. She was at one of her concerts in Orlando, Florida, when she was leaving with her brother after the concert. A man had shot her, her brother tackeled the man d thats when the man shot himself, and had died. She was rushed to a Hospital but sadly the gun shot injury took out fabulous talented singer away from us and now she's in heaven with her father again. It pains me to hear this since I was a fan since she made Grenade by Bruno Mars. On top of that I was listening to her covers last night. Christina you will always be loved and right here in my heart, you will truly be missed sweet heart
This is too sad so young, beautiful and talented... rest in peace Christina 😢
when I heard about it @jeremimzy17 I was in disbelief because they didn't say where she got shot but after seeing multiple news talk about it ...ot hurts
Rest In Peace young one
I'm so upset, I keep seeing her photo and I just can't believe she's gone...
ok that's good sorry for christina grimmie
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